Brooklyn's Own Dead Heart Bloom

Strange Waves is their latest album.

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How often do you stop what you're doing when watching a particular episode on TV and ask, "Who IS that band?" or "What was that song?" I'll say honestly that it doesn't happen often to me. Admittedly, I hold artists to very high standards. I don't dive into an artist's catalog unless that catalog can not only intrigue me but hold my attention for longer than a single play. If the song speaks to me that dramatically, and I want to pursue further, then the rest of the music has to be as engaging.

My first contact with the Brooklyn band, Dead Heart Bloom, came during an episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The song I heard from the band caused me to stop and take notice. I stopped the show, rewound (nice when you have a DVR), and played it back several times. Afterward came the arduous task of figuring out who the band was, and the name of the song that cornered your attention in the middle of an action set.

DHBStrangeWaves.jpg"New Messiah" is the name of the song. I hunted, I nosed, and I Googled until that fact surfaced. Since, I have become a fan of the band. Dead Heart Bloom has worked the Internet consistently with an aggressive "get to know us" campaign. In many ways, Dead Heart Bloom can capture the attention of many with their old school bluesy rock approach (you will be reminded of the '60s). They can sidle up next to '70s and '90s fans with their shoegaze-y elements of music. And they can play music that settles in well with many of this period. In short, Dead Heart Bloom can get your attention.

They have plenty of music to attend to, all reasonably priced and all available in a wide array of digital offerings (320k MP3, FLAC, AAC, ALAC, others). If you want physical product, they can deliver it in LP and CD.

Their last original album was Strange Waves, released back in September of 2010. It's a grand album. It is the most recent of their three albums. But they also have a disc of collected alternate takes, live recordings, and unreleased rarities (available as a free download), as well as three EPs of music. You can get the entire set of six CDs for only $35. Each of their albums - in LP, CD, and DD forms - is reasonably priced, all available at their website, which can lead you everywhere else (Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp, etc.).

On days when there is little to talk about that is coming down the pike, it's good to talk about what you know and enjoy. I often find myself awaiting any news of the next album by Dead Heart Bloom. I'm very pleased to be able to introduce you to them.

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