Dog Bites Morrissey, Rihanna Takes Up a Hobby, Sheryl Crow Polarizes

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Everybody's a Critic: Dog Bites Morrissey

Everybody’s a critic: Morrissey has been bemoaning the fact that he can’t find a label to take him on and now comes the news that the Moz has been bitten by a dog. Morrissey zine True to You has revealed "Morrissey sustained hand and arm injuries recently after being attacked by a dog in England. Morrissey has attended hospital in Malmo (Sweden) where X-rays reveal a fractured index finger on his right hand. The cracked bone is at the tip of the finger."

The good news? He hasn’t canceled any of his upcoming shows—some of them were the ones he rescheduled after he was forced to bow out of them last May due to doctor's orders that prohibited him from singing. As for the injured finger? Who knows? Morrissey does do a considerable amount of finger pointing.

Is It Hot in Here, Or Is It Just Rihanna?

If you think Rihanna’s Dallas show was hot, cut short last night due to a fire above the stage at American Airlines Center, you better buckle up. Britian’s Daily Mail just revealed news that the red-headed strange one has taken up belly dancing. She’s been taking lessons from a professional dancer from Mexico in an effort to keep her size 2 figure.

A pal of the singer told the august rag that the singer loves belly dancing so much she’s been “getting all her dancers to join in.” Does she mean she’s making them? So we shouldn’t be surprised if some of those seductive moves show up on her Loud tour? Her “other” fitness routine was rather lax by, say, Britney Spears standards—who confesses to doing 1000 crunches a day. “I keep fit by walking through so many airports,” explains Riahnna. “You end up walking for miles in those places!”

Sheryl Crow Just Burns Up Calories Pissing People Off

Maybe Rihanna should take a tip from Sheryl Crow, whose recipe for low cal roasted corn salad is in the current issue of Self. But Crow just burns up calories polarizing people. Last week the singer was applauded when she announced that some of the proceeds from her July 22 concert will be donated to the Cloud Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation of wild horses on public lands. That was until someone realized that that particular show, where Crow is opening up for her longtime friend Kid Rock, was being held at Cheyenne Frontier Days, a rodeo event that has drawn fire from animal rights and welfare organizations for its inhumane treatment of animals. There have been multiple deaths and injuries to horses at this annual event, which got PETA organizers hopping mad two years ago.

Now, Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK), a non-profit charity opposing animal abuse, is asking that the Cloud Foundation reject the donation as a protest to the rodeo’s ongoing mistreatment of horses. “How can an organization dedicated to helping wild horses take blood money that was based, in part, on abusing wild horses? We believe what Ms. Crow is doing is nothing but PR spin.”

If that weren’t enough, fans were a little put out when they heard that the Grammy-winning singer, who performed for President Obama, is supporting Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.’s bid for president. Last month when she performed in Salt Lake City’s Red Buttte Garden, she looked like she was running her own campaign there, first planting a tree in Sugar House Park and later visiting a grocery store. She told the crowd their town was "pretty" and even worked in a short speech about former Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr., who is now running for president.

"I want to see him run a campaign that is clean," Crow said, "because surely to God we can have a campaign that isn’t nasty. I like him."

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