Fans Produce Cash, Juliana Hatfield Produces Speeches Delivered To Animals And Plants

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Juliana Hatfield has a brand new album tucked in her arms ready to be delivered into the hands of her indie fans on August 30.  Confidently titled Speeches Delivered To Animal and Plants, the 13-track album is one that was completely fan-funded. 

Juliana Hatfield rose to prominence in the '90s Boston indie scene as leader of Blake Babies and then as a solo artist with a grasp on various pop-rock styles and a penchant for lyrics that meant something to people.  After recording stints with Atlantic Records (Mammoth Records), and Rounder Records (Zoe Records), she elected to start her own label, Ye Olde Records, which has been home to her last four albums, including her upcoming new one (Made In China - 2005, How To Walk Away - 2008, Peace & Love - 2010, Speeches Delivered To Animal and Plants - 2011).

Fans' funding new albums by their favorite bands and artists is not an entirely new process, but it is one that is being used more frequently as older, less in demand but established artists begin to lose their luster for labels, and therefore their contracts.   There are several agencies that are all too happy to help with such a project.

For Hatfield's project, she used the assistance of Pledge Music, where individuals can offer money to help complete an album in return for perks.  But Pledge Music also allows for charitable contribution funnels.  In the case for Juliana Hatfield and her new album, she has allowed for a percentage of the sales of her album to be re-directed to two animal shelters of her liking.

(Kickstarter is a fast, up and coming project solicitation site that allows for the fans to fund efforts of all kinds, not just music.)

Speeches Delivered to Animals and Plants is an album that explores the pains of failure.

Track listing:

1.   Stray Kids

2.   Taxicab

3.   Vagabond

4.   Sex and Drugs

5.   Failure

6.   Someone Else's Problem

7.   Change The World

8.   Batteries

9.   Don't Wanna Dance

10. There's Always Another Girl

11. Candy Wrappers

12. Thousands Of Guitars

13. Wasting Time

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