Five-CD UFO Anthology Box Sighted

UFO: The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) collects studio works and unreleased gems.

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In the early ‘70s, a British rock band by the name of UFO rose from obscurity to international stardom with fans all over the world. From its formation, the band eventually was able to bring the pieces together to help secure that enviable position starting with recruiting a young but highly respected guitarist, Michael Schenker, from Scorpions. Schenker went on to become not only a legendary guitar player, but also a controversial one. Early fame can do that.

After a few albums with a previous label, UFO signed with Chrysalis Records and the rest was history. The fans started with their Phenomenon album released in 1974. By the time Force It (1975) arrived, fans were flocking to the band, giving them a bona fide push up the charts. Subsequent follow-up releases (No Heavy Petting - 1976, Lights Out - 1977, Obsession - 1978) would deliver them strong support on both sides of the Atlantic. These successes were capped off by a live album that documented their already well produced live sets. Strangers In the Night charted well in the US and the UK.

Michael Schenker became controversial when he grew increasingly distraught with the band for various reasons. After Obsession was finished, Schenker was elsewhere. UFO, of course, did not collapse but started a new era with a new guitarist. Schenker eventually returned to the band but much later.


To commemorate the band’s great success, EMI plans the release of a five-CD, 81-track anthology compilation box set that covers the studio works mentioned earlier in chronological order. The discs are interspersed with single edits, B-sides, live tracks including a 45-minute live set from their first US show date, and a single remix. Most importantly, The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) becomes a collector’s set. The band remained with Chrysalis for many more albums although their fame had dimmed quite a bit. To commemorate those later years, it is rumored that EMI will follow up this volume with a second one.

UFO: The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) is scheduled for release in the UK on July 11, and the US on August 9.

The Chrysalis Years (1973-1979) tracklisting:

Disc 1:

Give Her The Gun (Single A-Side)
Sweet Little Thing (Single B-Side)
Oh My
Crystal Light
Doctor Doctor
Space Child
Rock Bottom
Too Young To Know
Time On My Hands
Built For Comfort
Lipstick Traces
Queen Of The Deep
Doctor Doctor (Single Edit) *
Bob Harris session (October 28th, 1974):
Rock Bottom
Time On My Hands
Give Her The Gun

Disc 2:

Oh My (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Doctor Doctor (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Built For Comfort (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Give Her The Gun (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Cold Turkey (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Space Child (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Rock Bottom (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Prince Kujuku (Electric Ballroom, Atlanta, GA (November 5th, 1974) (Previously Unreleased)
Let It Roll
Shoot Shoot
High Flyer
Love Lost Love
Out In The Street

Disc 3:

Mother Mary
Too Much Of Nothing
Dance Your Life Away
This Kid's (Including 'Between The Walls')
Natural Thing
I'm A Loser
Can You Roll Her
Reasons Love
Highway Lady
On With The Action
A Fool In Love
Martian Landscape
Too Hot To Handle
Just Another Suicide
Try Me
Lights Out

Disc 4:

Gettin' Ready
Alone Again Or
Electric Phase
Love To Love
Try Me (Single Remix) *:
Too Hot To Handle (John Peel session (June 27th, 1977)
Lights Out (John Peel session (June 27th, 1977)
Try Me (John Peel session (June 27th, 1977)
Only You Can Rock Me
Pack It Up (And Go)
Arbory Hill
Ain't No Baby
Lookin' Out For No 1
Hot 'N' Ready
You Don't Fool Me
Lookin' Out For No 1 (Reprise)
One More For The Rodeo
Born To Lose
Only You Can Rock Me (Single Version) *

Disc 5

Natural Thing
Out In The Street
Only You Can Rock Me
Doctor Doctor
Mother Mary
This Kid's
Love To Love
Lights Out
Rock Bottom
Too Hot To Handle
I'm A Loser
Let It Roll
Shoot Shoot
Doctor Doctor (Live Single Edit)
On With The Action (Live Single B-Side) *

* - Available on CD for the first time

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