Jack White's Ex a Shoemaker, Selena Has a Justin Tattoo, and Billly Gibbons Is a True Friend

We think.

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With Friends like Billy Gibbons: You Don’t Need… Any Other Friends

ZZ Topp guitar genius and strange hat wearer Billy Gibbons sent former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash a rare Les Paul guitar from his own custom line as an anniversary gift. Why did the light bulb go off for this generous act? Well, it was a Pearly Gates guitar and Slash’s wife’s name is Perla. Though only a little self-serving, the gift arrived last Friday, September 9, a week after Mr. and Mrs Hudson celebrated their tenth anniversary by renewing their vows in Ibiza. We’re not sure if Slash sent a thank you note, but he did take to his Twitter account to gush: "I just got a new Pearly Gates LP from B Gibbons as an anniversary/wedding gift! Unreal. #possiblythebestgiftever#."

Karen Elson: Supermodel Rock Star Turns Shoemaker?

Don’t’ worry about how Karen Elson is faring after her separation from hubby Jack White. The supermodel-cum-actress just completed her first collection for Nine West. Called Vintage American, it combines otherworld whimsy, Goth, Victorian, and high romance in the kinds of shoes and boots that you can imagine Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful slipping their lithe feet into. There are purses sturdy enough to pack for a weekend in Morocco and a must-have bracelet that Elson was somehow able to persuade Nine West team to engrave on its underside, “The truth is in the dirt.”

Perhaps it is, since we still don’t know what split up the power couple of Elson and White. The one thing we knew is it probably will all be explained on Elson’s forthcoming album that she’s currently in the process of recording. To take a look at the entire collection, go to Nine West's web site.


Yours Temporarily: Selena Gomez Writes Justin Bieber’s Name in Ink on Her Wrist

When the one-time Disney star performed at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay, fans were thrilled to see the winsome teenager had had her beloved’s name tattooed across her pale wrist. But a photograph of the loving embellishment proved otherwise—either that or it was the nearest thing to a badly wrought jailhouse tattoo. Selena photo.jpgWhen prodded, her reps confessed to E! News that it was indeed pen. And not permanent at that. But it did put to bed the rumors that two young lovers had broken up.

As if young Bieber’s recent admission that he thought Selena Gomez was "amazing" wasn’t enough, confessing he wants to settle down and have children by the time he’s 25. He might be certain about being a family man, but he’s still on the fence about college, explaining to Access Hollywood, "I'm not ruling that out. I'm just saying at this point, I'm 17; I plan on doing this a long time. At this time, I'm not really planning on going to a college. I have many other things that I'm working on and doing."

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