Jimmy Page Is Live: Iconic Led Zeppelin Guitarist Joins the Modern World

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As promised, rock’s dark lord Jimmy Page launched his first official website yesterday, explaining in a press release: “I think this is the ideal vehicle to present my past, present and future work.” Emphasis on the future, which might be the most exciting news of the entire launch.

The guitar legend has been the driving force behind the inception of this exceptional site, having  acquired the name quite awhile ago and only debuting it after it was exactly how he envisioned it. If nothing else, the iconic guitarist is a perfectionist.

“I’ve had the domain name for a number of years,” Page said. “I’ve just been sitting on it and a number of people had made approaches about setting something up and it got to a point that it felt it was the right time to put the website together.”

jimmy-page.jpgThe site opens with pink-hued collage of Page, and a 35-second snippet of his guitar playing and the declaration that this is “The First Official Website of Jimmy Page.” You are next led to a sepia-toned present day photo of Page and a members-only log in. Ever meticulous, Page has his own self-selected “On This Day” feature, which highlights a remarkable event in a Page-ian universe (not strictly Led Zeppelin), complete with a “personal anecdote” and a multi-dimensional presentation of sound, audio, and unreleased material. But you have to go back every day because the entry will only be available for a 24-hour span of time. Page refuses to archive any material, and like everything else in life, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Giving it a rather clubby feel, there is a Discography section that spans Page’s entire career from his early session work with Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, Lulu, Nashville Teens on their '60s anthem “Tobacco Road,” to Screaming Lord Sutch, Rod Stewart, Brian Jones, and more. The breadth of his past is as interesting as it is revelatory with many surprises. You can bookmark your personal faves by clicking 'Favourite' next to each individual album. Then your choices will show up on your account next time you log in to this members-only site.

Eventually the guitarist plans to have analysis of all his work on the site as well as an online store which will offer rare and often never-before released material, so save your money for those and properly welcome Page to the 21st century.

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