Kiss and Don't Tell: Madonna Makes a Funny, Jimmy Page Drops Clues, Metallica a Good Neighbor

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Madonna Is A Comic

Now here's an idea whose time has come - about 25 years ago, if you count KISS, Bon Jovi, and Guns 'n Roses comic books. But never mind that, now the OG Material Girl's life story will soon be fodder for a new comic according to the Associated Press. The Bay City bombshell's life will be told in 32 dazzlingly graphic pages by Bluewater Productions Inc - the company that brought us Fame: Britney Spears last March - as the latest installment in its Female Force series.

Diva-Madonna_0.jpgWhile not exactly a series based on stiletto-shod rock dominatrix, the subjects are female forces to be reckoned with. To give you a clue, past issues have featured Michelle Obama, Margaret Thatcher, Barbara Walters, and Sarah Palin. But it's not the bigger than life events that Bluewater plans to portray - like the time Madonna hitchhiked nude in the hot sun for Sex. Oh no, they are all about the back story: "Our goal is to show the little-known events and influences that resulted in Madonna becoming the phenomenon she remains to this day, more than a quarter-century after she burst upon the scene," Bluewater's executive VP, Jason Schultz, told the AP. The story, written by C.W. Cooke and illustrated by Michael Johnson, will trace her real life transformation from an "unknown hopeful into an international superstar."

The Dark Lord's Lair is For Sale

Is Jimmy Page just toying with us? He teased us with promises of a superlative, a one of a kind website, a new musical project, and there was even a hint of a possible collaboration with the Flaming Lips and today on his website there have been some tantalizing developments. First an "XX" has been added to the home page of under-construction website along with an hourglass, which has very convincing sound effects of sand pouring into the bottom half of the glass.

page-boathouse.jpgIn case you can't wait any long for the great reveal, you can get yourself the ultimate Zeppelin collectible. A property once owned by Page is up for sale. According to a report in Newbury Today, a boathouse in Pangbourne, UK is on the market - asking price £1,100,000. The Zep guitarist owned the property from 1967-1973, buying it while he was still in the Yardbirds, and selling it at around the time Led Zeppelin released The Song Remains the Same. The guitarist paid £6,000 for the property in 1967, which had been a boathouse with wet dock and offices belonging to Hopps of Henley from the 19th century until its 1959 conversion into a residential dwelling.

Graham Gore, who bought the building for £98,500 in 1984, was unaware of the celebrity connection until his neighbors explained it to him, and has many tales of brushes with rock and roll aristocracy - such as the day singer Robert Plant popped by unannounced which we are sure added to the selling price of the house. Considering that last month a vintage Led Zeppelin T-shirt fetched $10,000 in an eBay auction, this is actually quite a bargain.

Metallica: Like A Good Neighbor Should

At most you borrow a couple of eggs or a bag of charcoal from your neighbors, but Kirk Hammett's neighbor wanted to borrow the whole band. According to the band's website:

It all started when [guitarist] Kirk [Hammett] mentioned that his next door neighbor had invited us to play at his party in San Francisco and we figured "why not?" After all, it has been quite some time since we've played in our hometown, and we haven't exactly been getting out a lot lately. Well, it turns out that Kirk's neighbor, Marc Benioff, is the top dog at a "small" company called and his shindig actually lasts for four days and hosts over 30,000 people! So much for a little backyard barbeque...

Following in the footsteps of Neil Young, the Foo Fighters, Black Crowes, and Stevie Wonder, we are excited to announce that we have been invited to play at the ninth annual Dreamforce convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on Wednesday, August 31. It promises to be quite the party . . . where else can you learn everything you ever wanted to know about cloud computing during the day and then rock out with the 'Tallica at night?

If you're planning to attend Dreamforce, cool, we look forward to seeing you there and of course, if you're a Met Club member, log in and check out how you can win tickets . . . we're giving hundreds away.

Peter Frampton No Longer Likes Wife's Ways

PeterFrampton.jpgPeter Frampton has filed papers to end his 15-year marriage to wife Christina Elfers. He has submitted divorce papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences. The thrice-married rocker is asking for joint legal custody of the couple's minor daughter, but wants Elfers to be awarded primary physical custody. The two had been residing in Indian Hill, Ohio, the birthplace of Mrs. Frampton, and where the couple married in June 2000. After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Frampton decided to become a United States citizen. We're sure he's not going to try to rescind that.

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