MIEN To Release Self-Titled Debut Album April 6

Mien is a Black Angels/The Horrors/Stone Elephant/The Earlies collaboration effort.

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In rock music, the late-'60s provided a rapidly splintering set of styles that would help reshape and change '70s music and the way it was received. One of those newly developed sounds back then had been christened psychedelic music. It was ushered in to help enhance the rapid uptick in use of drugs with hallucinogenic properties.But despite the popularity of drugs, music changed far too fast to remain static for long, and psychedelic music died. But now, as originality flounders, it's easy to reach back for styles to build upon. Re-enter psychedelia!

Since the late-'90s and through the new millennia, several bands have resurrected the short-lived genre of psychedelic music, updated its sound, and have produced a collection of endearing classic albums. Many of these releases would have been awarded historical note were they released in the late-'60s. Notable band names (of this new era) include The Flaming Lips, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Mountain,Tame Impala, and The Black Angels. All mentioned bands have excellent albums within their catalog. One exciting band that has just formed is actually an interim band, formed to provide restless members of four genre bands in between albums and tours. 
The band of interest is MIEN. It is a new formation with Alex Maas (The Black Angels), Tom Furse (The Horrors), Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone), and John-Mark Lapham (The Earlies).The fruit of their formation is a new self-titled debut album. MIEN will provide fans of the current psychedelic style with ten songs.

MIEN is currently scheduled for release on April 6. This set will be issued on CD, Digital Download, and a split-color vinyl LP (Red/Orange). Bu before you finish here, be sure to hear the pre-release single from the album below.

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