Music Blu-ray Review: The Rolling Stones - From the Vault: No Security - San Jose 1999 - 1-BD/2-CD

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The Rolling Stones' From the Vault series rolls onward with No Security - San Jose 1999, now available from Eagle Rock Entertainment on a number of formats (Blu-ray plus two CDs, standard DVD plus two CDs, triple vinyl LP, or digital). This is the eighth title in a series that has been a godsend for fans since it began in 2014. But honestly, spectacular titles like Some Girls: Live in Texas '78, Muddy Waters & The Rolling Stones Live at the Checkerboard Lounge, Chicago 1981, Totally Stripped, and a reissue of Ladies and Gentleman: The Rolling Stones—all available from Eagle Rock as well—are essentially From the Vault too, just not officially branded as such. We Stones fans have been swimming in vault releases over the last several years.

And for us junkies, there's no limit to the amount of concerts and live albums we'll snatch up. No Security is no exception. Taped over the course of two sold-out nights at the San Jose Arena, April 19 and 20, 1999—the concluding shows of the 34-date U.S. leg of the No Security tour—the band is in fine, late-era mode. The 20-tune setlist includes many familiar hits (though surprisingly placed at times, as "Start Me Up" factors very late in the show, with "Jumpin' Jack Flash" opening) sprinkled with deep tracks and a couple then-recent songs. "Some Girls" is a welcome inclusion, as is "I Got the Blues." Then-newer entries include "You Got Me Rocking" (a Voodoo Lounge highlight), while both "Saint of Me" and "Out of Control" first appeared on Bridges to Babylon.

Speaking of which, don't be confused by the live album No Security. That 1998 release was the official souvenir of the 1997-98 Bridges to Babylon tour. The '99 tour was called No Security as well, from which this concert is sourced. It's a little strange to have two completely different releases on the market with such similar titles, but what are you gonna do? Totally Stripped, which was mostly (thought not entirely) different than the 1995 Stripped, might've provoked some "Huh?" reactions from less-than-rabid fans just trying to keep up.

Some of San Jose 1999's finest moments occur on the B-stage, the smaller stage out in the middle of the arena floor which, as Paul Sexton's newly-penned liner notes point out, "turn an average seat into a ringside one." Generally loosey-goosey and more casual than the main stage, tunes like "Route 66" and "Get Off My Cloud" feel like small-club rave-ups on the B-stage.

Note: as stated right on the front of the tri-fold digipak, this is a "SD Blu-ray" title. Don't accuse Eagle Rock of any neglect in the remastering. This was 1999 and broadcast video standards were different than they are now. This looks its age and there's no way around that (SD = Standard Definition). The sound is tremendous, the real reason to opt for the Blu-ray version—lossless DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround audio. There's also a strong LPCM 2.0 stereo.

No interviews, rehearsals, or any extra footage of any kind. But, like most of the From the Vault series, the entire concert is presented as a two-disc live album for listening on-the-go.

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