Music Has Become the Video - I Have Become the Parents

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I am the first to admit I'm no spring chicken, but I'm not quite ready for Geritol Jello shots or a Jitterbug phone.

How old am I? No need for you to know, after all this is only our first date and I don't go all the way (I'm cheap not easy). Let's just say I remember when the first human orbited the Earth and the "British Invasion" hit our shores. When I was a kid, Converse Chuck Taylors were THE Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star.jpgsneaker for the first time, and my mom didn't have to get a bank loan to keep me in style.

Speaking of my mom, she (like most parents throughout history) didn't like my music. The Summer of Love hit right around my pubescent years and Mom was horrified. My music was too loud, too wild, too electric for her.

I wonder if Tchaikovsky's mother complained about his 1812 Overture: "Pyotr dahlink, why do you have to have the drums so loud? When I was your age...."

Whenever and whatever it is, grownups just never get the kid's tunes. For many people the downfall of American civilization (oxymoron?) was that "damned MTV." Well, I effen loved early MTV when they actually showed music videos. How MTV moved from Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" and Golden Earring's "Twilight Zone" to Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and trainwreck reality shows like Jersey Shore is beyond me. Was the revolution televised and I missed it? Hell, I just dug the tunes and being introduced to new music and artists.


Am I saying today's music sucks, that the parents have been right all along? Yes and no. For my parental tastes, I do think that a vast portion of today's popular music is insipid drivel with a great light show and choreography. While I do concede that Lady GaGa, and Madonna before her, are geniuses at marketing and consummate performers, I don't particularly appreciate their music by itself.

I don't go to concerts for the special effects; I go for the music, for the honor and privilege of an artist sharing a gift from his or her muse with me. But I do understand that music has become the video. When Moby calls out new music as "hyper-produced corporate product," you know the conversation has changed. Whatever music you listen to or like, I honestly think that all music should be taken as an expression of a person's feelings or attitudes at a certain period in his/her life.


Whether we choose to like or dislike that music is really of no consequence. Just let the beats and the message of what you enjoy flow through you. Just so you know, I don't own any Britney, Ke$ha, Lady GaGa, or Madonna. But I do like Moby.

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