NYC's The Strokes Have a New Album on the Calendar

Comedown Machine will be band's fifth.

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The Strokes lit up the skyline in New York City with their favorably received RCA Records debut, Is This It, back in 2001. Then, their album sparked interest not only from the critics but also from a developing fan base that found many of the songs on Is This It exactly what they wanted to hear. Eventually, that album would go on to sell more than three million units.

The band, led by guitarist Albert Hammond, Jr and fronted by vocalist Julian Casablancas (with fellow guitarist, Nick Valensi, bassist, Nicolai Fraiture, and drummer, Fab Moretti), would be pressured by the extremely high expectations for a follow-up album to match, if not exceed, the brilliance of the first.

In 2003, the sophomore issue would please critics, but not the fans as much. The album, Room on Fire, under-performed in sales although it was built heavily on the strength of the first release. First Impressions of Earth followed in 2006, showcasing a maturing and evolving band. The fourth, Angles, arrived in 2011 with an even more evolved sound. Up 'til now, none of the band's releases have been as well received as their miraculous debut. In fact, Is This It is considered one of the opening millennial decade's finest albums, a feat that few artists have been able to top, or even match.

TheStrokesComedownMachine.jpgWith as much expectation that has followed every album since their first, The Strokes will release their next album, Comedown Machine, on March 25 (UK)/March 26 (US). The 11 tracks on the new album were preceded by the free download of lead-off single "One Way Trigger" from the band's website (now only available as a paid DD). Whether the album can be considered as great as its predecessors or not, only time can tell. A listen to the provided stream of "One Way Trigger" should give you an idea of the band's direction.

Favorable or not, here they come again.

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