Old School: 1964-1974, An Exclusive And Nostalgic Alice Cooper Box

Cuz they found new toys...

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The band known as Alice Cooper (not the man known as Alice Cooper; keep them artistically separate, please) had a very short but fruitful career. Starting with a pair of relatively unknown Alice Cooper albums released on Frank Zappa's Straight label (Pretties For You - 1969, Easy Action - 1970, and collectively redistributed as School Days - The Early Recordings, released in 1973 to capitalize on the band's increasing explosive success), the band soon began to gain the attention of an audience with the release of Love It To Death (1971). 

Upon release, the shock aspects of the band became darker than what they were exploring previously. "I'm Eighteen," the single from that album, gave the band the leverage they needed to become the juggernaut they eventually became, peaking with Billion Dollar Babies, their classic released in early 1973. By the end of 1973, despite the success of Billion Dollar Babies, their newly released Muscle Of Love failed the band and they separated. Although Alice Cooper (the man) went on to more success using the familiar moniker, the rest of the band were little heard of again.

The band worked hard and fast. They released each of their albums in short spans (seven albums in four years). In all of those albums, there was enough extra material to assemble a massive box set that attends to the band's short tenure as Alice Cooper. On June 28, Bigger Picture Records, in conjunction with Warner Brothers, will release a limited edition (1300 US issues), individually numbered box set called Old School: 1964-1974.

Old School: 1964-1974 covers the band's complete years of existence with pre-label material included. In this massive set, you'll find four CDs literally crammed with demos, radio ads, rarities, interviews, live performance tracks, outtakes, even a complete CD of a live bootleg performance from a St Louis show in 1971. In addition to the included CDs, there is a DVD with over two hours of footage that includes interviews and previously unseen archival clips.

The box adds a 12" vinyl LP that replicates the 1971 St Louis show found on the fourth CD in the set, and a 7" vinyl single from the pre-Alice Cooper band, The Nazz, with the rare "Wonder Who's Loving Her Now?" and B-side, "Lay Down and Die, Goodbye."

Old School beefs the set up with a yearbook-like 60-page hardcover with many photographs that chronicle the band from their high school years through their years of stardom. An essay written by Lonn Friend glorifies the years by write-up. Swag inclusions bring reproductions of original ticket stubs, tour program, set lists, and five art prints of era-designed posters to complete the entire box. To sweeten the allure of the package, five Golden Tickets are hidden throughout the released sets that will gift the lucky finders with a special VIP concert experience and a meet-and-greet with Alice Cooper, the persona. Everything is nostalgically encased in a school desktop-like box.

Imagine, demo tracks of "School's Out," "Teenage Lament '74," "Killer," and "I'm Eighteen" among other familiar tunes, all amidst a treasure chest of so many cool things that it boggles the mind.

Yep, I'm in!


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