Pink Floyd's The Wall - Expanded, Remastered, Still Revealing

Mother, Did It Have To Be So High?

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With the upcoming expansions of The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), and Wish You Were Here (1975) on near horizons, and the exciting revelation that the long completed Wish You Were Here Guthrie-mixed SACD is finally being made available, it's only fair to continue our Pink Floyd expansion wishes with The Wall, originally released in 1979.  (Ok guys, where is Animals?)

The Wall was a massively successful, large-scale rock opera written mostly by Roger Waters that explored human isolation and accompanying frustration in an increasingly complex and unforgiving dystopia. The album also returned Pink Floyd to the singles chart with the release of "Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)," and "Run Like Hell."

On February 27, 2012 (UK), February 28, 2012 (US), The Wall will be released in a seven-disc  Immersion box, as well as a three-CD Experience set, two-LP, and digital downloads.

The seven-disc Immersion set is planned to contain the 2011 Guthrie mix of the entire album over two CDs. The next two CDs are expected to contain unreleased demos from The Wall.  The remaining two CDs contain a 2011 Guthrie remaster of Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live, previously released in 2000.

There will be an included DVD, likely to contain the expected various mixes similar to what is being made available in the other Immersion sets. The video content expected will be a 2011 restored promotional video of "Another Brick In the Wall (Pt 2)," Behind the Wall documentary, film extracts of the Earls Court concert (with animation), and a Gerald Scarfe interview.  However, given the extended release date, it's obvious that this title is still being fleshed out (I couldn't resist).

Rounding out the Immersion box for The Wall will be a 44-page Storm Thorgerson-designed booklet, a photo book, a Storm Thorgerson art print, tour ticket and backstage pass replicas, a scarf, print cards of Mark fisher's stage drawings, three white marbles (with design of bricks), nine Thorgerson-designed coasters, and an extensive credits booklet.

The three-CD Experience set will contain the previously mentioned 2011 remastered two-CD set that features the album, as well as a CD containing selected previously unreleased demos from The Wall.  A 32-page booklet (with lyrics) will complete the digipak set.


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