Prediction: Deluxe Anniversary Set Coming for Carly Simon's "Perfect" No Secrets

Remember, you read it here first.

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I'm been in a Carly Simon kind of way over the last several weeks. Frankly, I adore Carly Simon. I have since her first album, released when I was just a mere 13 years old. It was her "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" from that album that turned me into a fan. I have all of her albums on LP, and listen to them repeatedly, year after year, decade after decade.

In wandering the Internet, I happened to go to Simon's site. I noted that BMG Chrysalis recently signed a record deal with her that includes her back catalogue. Of course, this news gets me to thinking... they're gonna do a Deluxe Edition Anniversary set for No Secrets because -- guess what? -- it's the album's 40th Anniversary in 2012 (it was released in 1972).

Now there is NO official word on this but c'mon... a new record deal, with back catalogue included, and 2012 around the corner? I'm gonna bet on this one. The official notes on the deal is a cut 'n' paste from Carly's website. You read it and you tell me:

March 21, 2011- BMG Chrysalis, one of the world's leading music rights companies, announced that its North American division has signed an exclusive US/Canada agreement with Carly Simon. The agreement sees BMG Chrysalis handling all of the artist's administration, collection and exploitation in the US and Canada on both back catalogue and futures.

"Spending time with Carly, what you find most incredible about her is that even if you attempted to remove the Grammys, the Oscar, the Hall of Fame, the classic songs and recordings, you are still face to face with a vibrant artist passionately engaged and creating in a guitar-filled room. This is another marquis alliance for BMG and we are proud to be representing her incredible body of work," said Billy Mann, President, Creative, BMG Chrysalis North America."

No Secrets is a special album of considerable worth. Not only did it reach #1 in the US, selling gold in just under a month (eventually going platinum over the years - great upward momentum), but it yielded memorable hits with "The Right Thing To Do," and the classic 'whoisit' question of "You're So Vain." And if you include the Greatest Hits add of "Night Owl," the album did alright in the singles department.

Those mentioned songs weren't the only great things about No Secrets. There is the alluring "We Have No Secrets," the beautiful and contemplative "His Friends Are More Fond Of Robin," with that heart-swelling chorus ("Robin, I never told you, but I'll be yours until we're old, please learn to call me in your dreams, the way I look at you is just as it seems"), "Embrace Me, You Child," the look back at youth with "It Was So Easy," the memories of "When You Close Your Eyes," reminiscent of "No One Does It Better," "The Carter Family," and "Waited So Long." Did I leave any out? I didn't think so. How could I have?

No Secrets is a perfect album.

Watch for the 40th Anniversary Edition, and remember, you read it here first.

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