That Hall of Fame Group Is at It Again for 2013

Shouldn't all antiquated awards systems just die and leave us the hell alone?

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Here we are again, that yearly effort by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in its lackluster attempt to honor a few worthy (and often unworthy) bands and artists. With the list of nominees always so small, and the list of deserving bands impossibly large, this pointless circus continues to underscore the uselessness of its endeavors.

Nevertheless, the 2013 nominees have been announced. This year's hopefuls include the obvious, with the often ignored Rush making the ballot. But as the Hall of Fame often does, they also have inane selections, this year with Joan Jett (who might win, believe it or not).

Okay, I realize I'm not here to pass personal judgement, which I guess I've already done. Rather, I'm here to list the possible inductees, and so I'll do just that.

RnRHoFInductionStatue.jpgThe 2013 nominees for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are:

Rush. This Canadian trio has done it all and should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame many years ago. And let me tell you that the fans have been pissed. But this year, with a sure induction on the horizon, it's nice to see the band finally get recognized. Although I don't know why they should be at all excited.

Deep Purple. This is an interesting choice. Personally, I think they should be in the Hall; however, with so many strong choices left, I have to ask how this revolving door band is on the list. While that sounds like an oxymoron, it's not. I'll explain later.

Heart. I would call for Heart to be inducted before Deep Purple. I'll tell you why. Heart has done much for rock, especially with two strong front-women in place. With a collection of strong albums that evolved with the times, it's kind of a no-brainer. And their new album, Fanatic, even underscores this further.

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts. Really? Really?? The Runaways deserve this FAR more than Joan. Sorry.

Procol Harum. There's a lot to say about this band. But, like Deep Purple, aren't there others more deserving? Still... Robin Trower!

Donna Summer. Disco's reigning queen had a voice of gold. I just wish she had done more with it. Regardless, her induction should be a secured.

Chic. You really have to convince me on this band. I love Nile Rodgers, but are we really sure about this one?

Public Enemy. Rap pioneers. Seems like the ongoing trend. So, okay.

NWA. See my comments on Public Enemy.

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band. This band should have been inducted a long time ago. This Chicago boy had more music cred inside of his dirty nails than many people rocking today. His death was tragic, but his name is legend.

Albert King. Shoulda happened long ago. 'Nuff said. Gonna happen now? Betting no. And then you can see, once again, why the sun has set on the Hall of Fame.

Kraftwerk. This German band set rules for electronica pop. Those rules still apply. This band rocks. Yes, they should be in.

The Marvelettes. Good early girl band. Worth inclusion. Well... yes, if you need to include an oldies band. But aren't there more worthy ones? Worth inclusion... just not now. (See why we need a largely expanded induction?)

The Meters. Without fail. Put the "F" in funk music.

Randy Newman. I'm gonna get a hell of a lot of flack for this (maybe not, because, well, who am I?) but what has Randy Newman really done to deserve this? If this was an expanded induction, then okay, maybe. I just don't see it. Some great songs with lucky breaks. But overall, no! There's better.

You see, I have always called for an expansion of the nominees; the number nominated each year is pitifully low. And with so many great bands out there, it will be the year 3K before even a part of those get inducted. Meanwhile, the list of bands grows. Stupid. With an expanded induction, the Hall can play catch-up.

The Induction ceremony's torturous event happens on April 18, 2013.


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