This Day in Music, May 15: Paul McCartney Meets Linda Eastman, Ahmet Emuukha Rodan Zappa and Other Perverse Names

Paul McCartney meets his soulmate, the Zappas name another child...

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Paul McCartney met American photographer Linda Eastman for the first time during a Georgie Fame concert at the Bag O'Nails nightclub in London, England. They married on March 12, 1969.  

Linda, who went on to be a animal rights activist and a member of Wings, also wrote several vegetarian cookbooks, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, and died at the age of 56 on April 17, 1998 in Tucson, Arizona where the McCartneys had a ranch.



Frank Zappa and his wife announced the birth of their third child, a boy named Ahmet Emuukha Rodan, after the Japanese movie monster that lived off a steady diet of 707 planes. The Zappas had three other children, Moon Unit, Dweezil, and Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen. 

This got me thinking about other sprog rockers whose parents gave them a challenging start to life. We had Zowie Bowie, the son of David (who is now known as Duncan Jones), Dandelion Richards, the daughter of Keith, and of course Chasity-now-Chaz Bono, not the son of the U2 singer, but the daughter-now-son of the other half of the '60s most successful singing duo, Sonny and Cher.  

Former Boomtown Rats singer and Band Aid founder, Bob Geldof, and his wife, the late Paula Yates, named their three daughters, Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches (now a TV presenter like her late mother), and Pixie.  

When Geldof and Yates divorced in May 1996, Yates dated INXS singer Michael Hutchence. The couple had a daughter who they named Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily Hutchence. 

And lastly a modern couple, Coldplay singer Chris Martin and his actress wife Gwyneth Paltrow, named their first daughter Apple (after a computer or the fruit?). Their second child, a son, is called Moses.

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