With New Music, Yukon Blonde Channels The Past

Release of new EP (Fire//Water) points to new album in 2012

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The divide between the now wide expanse of generations that have enjoyed their share of rock and roll is quite a gap. Over that time, there have been clearly delineated changes in style. But despite those distinct changes, rock has shown itself to be resilient. Although the styles from generation to generation have noticeably appealed to specific age groups, rock is still rock. And like most dedicated music fans, I love a band that speaks across that stretch of time. Yukon Blonde, a band that originates from British Columbia, are musicians that can do this.

From Yukon Blonde's beginning, they were know collectively as Alphababy. During this short period, they released two EPs, one of them a small assortment of live tracks. On advice, they changed their name and have since released an introductory EP of new music as well as a full length album of new music.

On both documents, Yukon Blonde have crafted and refined a sound that hints heavily of influence. You'll hear Beatles harmonies and instrumental styles in there, and as others have pointed out, a well-trodden appreciation of Crosby, Still & Nash. On their eponymously titled debut album, the music is more influentially recognizable than that which you'll hear on their four-track Everything In Everyway.


Yukon Blonde begins with the well-constructed Beatles-like “Rather Be With You.” By the time you track down to “Wind Blows,” you're in the hallways of '60s harmonies. The music is a modern day base ingredient to something that is memorably distinct and quite enjoyable. The ten tracks found on that debut album will have your toes tapping. And it won't matter your age as Yukon Blonde can play for everyone, '60s pop enthusiasts, new music fans, and lovers of harmonies.  Yukon Blonde plays music far beyond their years.

Yukon Blonde plan the release of a new 4-song EP on September 20. The EP is called Fire//Water and is expected to be released on September 20 in Canada, and October 11 in the US. It precedes the band's second full-length album, which is expected for release at some point in early 2012.

For now, enjoy a free, downloadable (or streaming, if you prefer) track from the upcoming EP. “Fire” can be downloaded by clicking on the down arrow found at the right sidebar of the player.

Fire by Yukon Blonde by Nevado

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