NYC's Beau Deserves Your Attention

The two-girl duo from Greenwich Village has crafted a great songs with far-reaching depth. With a new album on the horizon (April 11), they're poised to capture a lot of attention from a needful audience.

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If you were to ask me, I'd tell you that one of the more exciting bands originating from NYC would be a Folk-ish duo collectively going by the name of Beau.

Beau is Heather Golden (Boo) Schwalb, a honey-voiced, dark-haired beauty that brings a preternatural vocal charm to the compositions that are co-written by the band's other half, Emma Rose Jenney. Emma Rose possesses an equal beauty, providing the acoustic bedrock that the songs are delivered on. Together, as Beau, they bring something that is not always available in the world of music: depth.

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Beau is the result of two childhoods friends from Greenwich Village. Since 13, both instinctively knew that they had a special bond that could illuminate the talent that was likely evident even then. With a bohemian lifestyle still in evidence, Beau offers a blend of rock heavily tinged with folk elements and other styles that merge in. They bear a strong resemblance musically to the folk music from the '60s, which brings charm to the older aficionados of Greenwich Village and, in general, NYC-based music. There's a native feel to their music that calls up Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and even Patti Smith. And that's saying a lot.

Beau released their five-track eponymous EP back in May of 2015. Those five songs were not only great tunes, some bordered on being timeless and classic. One of those songs is "One Wing" (enjoyed below in the embedded video). The lyrics are shadowed to allow your own interpretation, but if you were to look closely to the lyrics, you'd find that the song refers to humanity.

Beau TMR.jpg
On March 11, Kitsune Musique, a French label (distributed by Universal Music in the US) will release the duo's first full-length album. The new album is called That Thing Reality, a title that hints of the philosophical depths within the songs. The new album will contain twelve songs, three of which are pulled from the 2015's EP issue ("C'mon Please", "Soar Across The Sea", and the beautiful and haunting track, "One Wing"). However, while you get to have those three songs in the new album, it leaves the remaining two tracks available to acquire. And once you become a fan, you should collect those as they're well worth the effort to acquire.

That Thing Reality will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP (with digital download rights).

It's not often we get timeless music from anybody, no matter which era they're created in. I feel that Beau has created (thus far) two brilliant sets that deserve your time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. It's a good moment to share with you.

"One life is like a grain of salt in the eyes of god a repetitious thought,
But I know we are better, there's a reason we're together.
We'll fly like two birds with one wing to the gates of love we'll glide in sync.
We'll fly like two birds with one wing to the gates of love we'll glide in sync."

"One Wing" - Beau

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