PlayStation Vita Misses 2011 Domestic Release, Scheduled for Early '12

Sony set to miss possble first holiday shopping season for Vita console

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Sony had promised to release the PlayStation Vita, the successor to their PSP, in at at least one territory by the end of 2011. They're sticking to that, launching the touch screened, rear touch, motion controlled, button tapping unit in Japan before the year is out. No date was specified.

Speculation on the part of retailers pegged the release date as October 28th in the States, in the end generating only false hope for those who were anticipating the portable device. All other details remain in place, including the $250 price for a WiFi only version, and $299 for a 3G enabled/WiFi console, 3G provided by AT&T.

Sony will miss a crucial holiday season, losing out to the new contender in the handheld market, the recently price-reduced 3DS.That sales leverage could prove to the boon Nintendo was looking for, establishing a foothold that Sony may find themselves struggling to compensate for.

On the other hand, it could be said they're hardly in competing markets, the only real comparison being that they're handhelds, but handhelds on entirely different ends of the technology market. Sony tends to gear older, Nintendo younger, and Mario may not have the draw he once did.

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