Sony's E3 2011 Press Conference is All Apologies, Games, and Vita

Vita comes in at $249 and $299; Sony sticks with Move-based controls

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Sony's E3 press conference proved stern if nothing else. It stands as a warning sign to Nintendo, not necessarily Microsoft, as the official name for the next-generation portable became the Vita. The kicker? Vita, in a Wi-Fi only version, will match the retail price of the Nintendo 3DS at $249. Users seeking the 3G/Wi-Fi model will need to fork over an additional $50 for a total of $299, and also sell their soul to AT&T who is the exclusive 3G Vita partner. Amongst the excitement of the show, the AT&T announcement was the only one that brought an audible groan from the audience.

Elsewhere, Sony's rather long and late-starting keynote tried to duplicate Microsoft, not one-up them. Sony has shown they are sticking with their Move motion controller, announcing an exclusive adventure title titled Medieval Moves, and ensuring core titles will play nice too. Infamous 2 will gain Move support later this year along with creation-fest Little Big Planet 2. Motion controls remain hot apparently, even though it is rumored Nintendo is moving on.

What gamers were probably searching for, more than that explosive Uncharted 3 live demo, was an apology for the entirety of the recent Network outage, and they got one. Two, actually, one from President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America Jack Tretton at the start of the show, and another from Representative Corporate Executive Office Kaz Harai later. They've put this behind them, blowing away the crowd and surely almost all gamers with their new hardware. We're past this, and so are they, although certainly many have made decisions as to their Sony-based online future long before they took the stage.

In other words, while there were some gaming souls that couldn't be salvaged (and they acknowledged that openly and honestly), Sony's goal was merely to showcase what's coming, not what's past. While the endless parade of motion-based irritation was the wrong direction, they finally learned to avoid Powerpoints and just give us games. By the end, Uncharted 3 and that fancy Uncharted for Vita were enough to forget about that whole breach thing.

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