The Emmys 2011 Top 20 Fashions: Best Dress, Worst Dress and Some Fashion Categories I Made Up

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Red was the color of the night so we show no red in our showcase of Emmy 2011 fashion.  The fashion was, for the most part, subdued and in good taste.  Some fashion choices deserve some comment with just a touch of snark.

The Look Most Like Attending a British Royal Wedding

Phoebe Price, Good Samaritans.  What’s with the hat?

emmys phoebe price.jpg Prettiest White Dress

Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Recreation

emmys aubrey plaza.jpg Oddest Outfit That Don’t Look Half Bad

Gwyneth Paltrow, Glee.  Even though she can’t sing.

emmys paltrow.jpg

Actress Dressed Looking Most Like Me

Margo Martindale, Justified.  Well I didn’t say I was proud of it.

emmys martindale.jpg

Seriously, Best Dress

Eva La Rue, CSI: Miami

emmys la rue.jpg

Best Black Dress

Carrie Ann Inaba, Dancing With The Stars' Carrie Ann is one of my all time fave competitive reality TV judges.

emmys inaba.jpg

Absolute Most Cleavage In a Dress…EVER

Christine Hendricks, Mad Men.  It took some work to get those babies hiked up that high.

emmys hendricks.jpgMost Looking Like Either a Male or a Female

Steven Cojocaru, Entertainment Tonight.  It’s a guy and he’s a fashion critic.  Heh.

emmys cojocaru.jpg

Best Male Haircut

David Boreanaz, Bones.  Maybe you hadda be there but his haircut was neat, quirky, trend-setting.

david-boreanz-emmys.jpgSeriously, Worst Dress

Bonnie Bentley, Heroes.  It looks like the flag of a South American country.

emmys bentley.jpgActress Most Always Looking Sophisticated No Matter Her Age

Christine Baranski,The Good Wife.  I always admire Baranski’s style whether she plays the good guy or the bad guy. 

emmys baranski.jpg

Absolute Worst Hair Style

Amy Poehler, Parks and Recreation. Dear Lord somebody took an egg beater to her hair then pinned it back.

emmys poehler.jpg

Most Looking Like a Bridesmaid

Zuhair Murad, Fashion Designer.  Fashion Designer?

emmys murad.jpg

Worst Fitting Dress That Could Have Been Very Nice

Olivia Munn, The Daily Show.  Too loose at the top, too tight around the hips.  Looks like a last minute dress grab to me.

emmys munn.jpg Best Hair Style and Make-Up.

Gretchen Mol, Rounders.  All around All-American, pretty, stands out.

emmys mol.jpg

Best Plus Sized Fit and Style

Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly.  Making big beautiful.

emmys mccarthy.jpg

Most Looking Like a Dress from Star Wars

Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife. I love the show and think Marguiles is smolderingly attractive but this dress is too far out.

emmys margulies.jpg

The Dress That Only Heidi Klum Could Pull Off

Heidi Klum, Project Runway.  Only Heidi could wear that thing and look fashion forward instead of dumb.  It’s a project from her fashion reality series as I understand.

emmys klum.jpg

Shoes Least Matching the Dress

Paz de la Huerta, Enter the Void.  I know it’s no longer of need to have shoes the same color as the dress but come on, maybe a white pair with the pink?  Perhaps a glittering silver?  But blue shoes with a very pink dress?

emmys huerta.jpg

Most In Need of a Cheeseburger

Kathy Griffin, Comedienne.  She looks nice enough but somebody tell her to start eating again!  She’s way too thin!

emmys griffin.jpg If you've got an insight to share, email me:

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