Big Brother Veterans vs. Newbies: It's War

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Big Brother is now into the meat of its 13th season. There are ten contenders left, including my predicted winner, Rachel, or her beau, Brendon.

Dominic was voted out on the most recent episode and the remaining contenders are going after that million dollar prize.

The recent Head of Household contest involved some unusual “skiing” in that the “skiers” rode steel rods affixed to a cardboard backboard. Great upper body strength was required to keep them from falling off. Danielle won the contest handily and became the new Head of Household.

Now the intrigue begins.

Danielle is what is referred on Big Brother this season as a “veteran.” In other words, she was once on Big Brother in the past. I believe Danielle is a bit of an evil vixen. She’s in it to win it is what I’m saying here and Danielle knows how to lie and beguile.

8111bbrachelandbrendon.jpgWhich is not to deduct from weepy co-contender Rachel’s ability to deceive. Rachel, too, is a veteran, having been on the series before along with Brendon. Jordan and Jeff were also once contenders on this series. The pattern that emerges is that fully six of this season’s contenders are veterans, experienced in the ways of the Big Brother House and prepared for the many strange challenges. They are competing against a bunch of hapless newbies. Indeed all of the evictions from the House to date have been newbies.

Dick, Danielle’s father, is also a contender this season. For some odd reason he left the series early on, the claim being he had a personal family emergency. I have a sneaky feeling that dastardly Dick, who won Big Brother Eight, is going to return again. My guess is that Dick and Danielle were very popular contenders on this series and there are plans to keep them in this competition.

72211dickanddaniellebigbrother.jpgDanielle managed to pull a fast one on the naïve Dominic that led to his ouster from the house. This past week Rachel and Brendon once again formed an “alliance” with Danielle. I look at Danielle and ponder just what she’s up to. Never mind Danielle, Rachel’s been known to lie and manipulate a time or two.

And so it is in the Big Brother house where the universe unfolds as it should. This is not to say that the House’s newbies aren’t beginning to strut their stuff. Adam, for one, is wearing a elf suit for the next week and this is a laugh.

Kalia was almost the winner of that Head of Household competition and she’s been stepping up to make her voice heard. Lawon provided a bit of drama with his story of coming out and the anguish he endured.

I eagerly look forward to the next episode of Big Brother about this deep into the series run. 'Tis the season of “back doors,” alliances, and head of household competitions. That’s Big Brother talk for those not in the know.

Tune in to CBS on Wednesdays at 8p, Thursdays at 9p, and Sundays at 8p.

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