Charlie Sheen Plays A Psycho...Therapist

TV and movies love crazy therapists...but it's not doing us any good

Charlie Sheen, his people -- or his 'winners' -- or whoever, officially announced that he’ll be starring in a new show, loosely based on the movie Anger Management starring Jack Nicholson. The show will be produced by Joe Roth, Charlie’s old buddy from Major League and Young Guns.

Sheen is set to play an ex-jock who receives his masters degree during the off-season  (because that’s how it happens) and then becomes an anger management counselor with, of course, colossal anger issues of his very own. Realistic counseling at its finest.

Considering our society's collective mental health has hit an all time low, the last thing we need to do is continue the game of portraying therapists as bats**t crazy, especially when they’re played by people who are, actually, bats**t crazy.

Yes, there are absolutely some therapists out there with more than a few loose screws, but it’s really enough already. It’s time for good, solid, effective therapy to get its fifteen minutes. Hell, give it 50 minutes (therapy joke, hold your laughter). Haven’t we run the 'therapists are nuts' archetype into the ground?

There are certainly therapists who have somehow convinced themselves that either they are issue-free (ie, they are a robot), or they have issues which they’re less-than-interested in dealing with, so they just don’t. For these people, becoming a therapist and focusing on other people’s issues is a fantastic way to reroute their energy, while conveniently distracting themselves from dealing with their own stuff. Their personal cup runneth over psychologically and sadly, often spills all over their clients, whether in an obvious, or totally unconscious way. These therapists give therapists a bad name, and subsequently lead the way on TV and in the movies. Awesome.

But, exciting news, there is another breed of therapist. They are aware of their issues and after responsibly working through many of those issues, via personal therapy or otherwise, they were inspired to sign onto the journey of becoming a therapist on their own.

Their intentions are to support others in ways they themselves have felt and know are positively life-changing, and they’re capable of being flexible when it comes to interventions, working with what is best for the client. They manage healthy boundaries between their personal issues and their client’s issues, and they know how to not bring their own personal crap into the room unless clinically appropriate, helpful to the client, and well thought out. Yes, they exist.

Though making therapists look like imbeciles isn’t at all helpful to our journey towards mental health, it is still very much a trend. Thank goodness for Charlie Sheen who said, "I chose Anger Management because, while it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues, I think it is a great concept."

So, while mental health continues to become a massive loser, Sheen is still managing to come out a real winner. Or at least that’s what his "therapist" told him.

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