Curb Your Enthusiasm's Eighth Season Offers Surprises and Laughs

Look out New York City, Larry David's on his way.

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When Larry David returns for an eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, he’ll be dealing with some big changes: the most life altering development is that Cheryl, his long-suffering spouse, has divorced him. However, Larry’s a trooper. He will soldier on, continuing to find a multitude of cringeworthy situations in which to immerse himself.

The press screener HBO sent did not include the season eight premiere, but it did have one episode each from July, August, and September. These episodes explain why Larry will be joining manager Jeff and his wife Susie when they pull up stakes in Los Angeles and move to New York City for three months. From the looks of it, their stay is sure to be eventful.

Larry seems to have settled in nicely. He has a girlfriend (who actually likes him), and a therapist (who does not). He joins a softball team (with disastrous results), and, though he does not miss Cheryl in the least, viewers might. Her tolerance in the face of Larry’s tactless meanderings added a mystique to the show it will never have again. Why a woman with Cheryl’s beauty and brains deigned to hook up with a narcissistic ass like Larry David was always a mystery.  If it was for the money and luxurious lifestyle, it might have made sense. But something else simmered underneath, an affection and fondness on her part that was never explained. The old adage “love is strange” certainly applied when it came to those two.

One thing that will not change is the quirky hilarity that is the trademark of the show. Along the way we are treated to a piece of Larry’s backstory involving a Mr. Softee truck and an ill-fated game of strip poker. There is also a car with a very special passenger seat, Palestinian Chicken, Vance and the Vow of Silence, "chat and cut," Pinkberry ice cream, and Oscar the dog’s demise.  None of this makes sense out of context but, if you’re a Curb fan, be sure to tune in. A good bout of laughter is in the offing. Guaranteed.

The ten episodes of season eight will see the return of Curb veterans Bob Einstein, Richard Lewis, Rosie O’ Donnell, J.B. Smoove, and Wanda Sykes, while celebs like Bill Buckner, Gary Cole, Michael J. Fox, Ricky Gervais, and Jo Anne Worley will come on board for the first time.

Season eight of Curb Your Enthusiasm premieres on July 10 at 10 PM ET on HBO.

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