Dexter Finds Religion in Season 6

Do serial killers believe in God?

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Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a widower whose wife was murdered in the bathtub of their home a couple of years ago by the Trinity Killer. Not surprisingly, Dexter eventually got revenge, doing away with this poor excuse for a human in his inimitable fashion.  Dexter is, as you may know, a killer in his own right: a serial killer.

Life goes on. Dexter continues to work for the Miami Metro Police department as a blood spatter expert and gives in to his murderous urges when the situation calls for it.

That said, Dexter has come a long way since we met him in 2006: he has always been charming and proficient at hiding who he really is, but now he has become much more human. Time was, he wasn’t able to carry on any sort of deep personal relationship (this is one of the downsides of being a serial killer) but he’s now graduated to telling his son bedtime stories about monsters, going to his own high school reunion, while continuing to only do away with baddies who should have been done away with long ago anyway. Dexter and his “dark passenger” (his muse, soul, devil on his shoulder) are, as always, happy to give fate a little...push.

dexter-season-6.jpgHaving seen the first three episodes of the sixth season, I can tell you that Dexter, he of big knives and the death room, is trying even harder to be a regular guy. While making every effort to get his toddler accepted into a prestigious Catholic school, he questions his own faith. Can a person who kills as a matter of course believe in a higher power?

Dexter_Season_6_Gellar_Travis.jpgThis question is taken one step further when we meet Travis (Colin Hanks), an insecure man-child who, partnered with the older, more assured Gellar (Edward James Olmos), begin what is sure to be a long string of grisly murders, all done in the name of God.  A pair of Dexter-worthy adversaries, for sure.

mos-def-dexter-season-6.jpgAlso intriguing is Dexter’s burgeoning relationship with Brother Sam, played by Mos (formerly Mos Def), a minister with a criminal past, who Dexter suspects is a killer with a better cover than his own.
Debra-and-Dexter-Morgan-Dexter-season-6-Showtime.jpgMeanwhile, Dexter's sister Debra’s personal and professional life change in ways that could eventually be detrimental to Dexter and that bad old passenger he hauls around. What would happen if she discovered Dexter’s secret? Would she enforce the law and bag him or allow him to continue doing that hoodoo that he does so well?

The questions posed in the opening episodes of this season will most likely inspire you to keep watching.  Consider this strong praise for a show that has yet to wear out its welcome.

The sixth season of Dexter premieres on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9pm ET on SHOWTIME.

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