Full Bodied Apparition on Ghost Hunters

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We are ever so faithful followers of the paranormal investigation shows, the stately granddaddy of which is Syfy's Ghost Hunters, now in the second half of its seventh season.

There is comforting routine to these shows, especially Ghost Hunters, which unfolds with the formality of kabuki: we see the teams traveling to the location in vans, Amy Bruni details the issues of the case, we arrive at location, get more background information and history from involved parties, tour the location for "hot spots" and claims, conduct the investigation, review evidence, Jason and Grant present evidence and verdict to client - haunted or no; if so, dangerous?

Check out the clip TMR put together of the evidence as presented on the show:

Usually a claim or two is explained away naturally, or "debunked" in the parlance: old wiring is causing high EMF readings, pine cones fall from pine trees sounding just like footsteps, changing air pressure causes a door to rattle, etc.

And there is almost always some unexplained phenomena left for the viewer to ponder: usually an EVP, "electronic voice phenomenon," that may or may not sound like a voice; or a mist or shadow that vaguely resembles soemthing.

But not this time. On last night's episode, "Ghostly Evidence," the team investigated historic Read Homestead in Townsend, RI and a static camera captured the sudden formation of a figure at the bottom of a stairway with a left arm, hand, and coat tangible enough to touch. Then it vanished to back from where it came.

Play the video below, stop it at about the 18 second mark, though this is not nearly as clear as the picture as it appears in the episode.

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