Is Jake Gone from The Bachelor Pad? Is It Now the Kasey and Vienna Show?

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Okay, so we understand that The Bachelor Pad has elements from both Big Brother and The Bachelor(ette). Thus there is a love angle that is every bit as important as the normal political, game-playing activity more aligned with the Big Brother concept. Still, romance is not the same thing as constant anger, angst, and melancholy. Somebody tell the producers of The Bachelor Pad that we've had enough of the ongoing melodrama of Mike and Holly and hey, now that Jake is gone maybe Vienna could stop yelling at everybody?

Or is Jake gone?

It’s a God Bless America thing if the show’s producers want to tease the audience back next week by ending this week's episode with host Chris Harrison muttering just the word "Kasey" at the end of the episode. The final name pronounced means that the one NOT pronounced goes home. The viewers did not hear Jake’s name. However, I would point out, that it is the winner of the weekly challenge, in this case Michelle, who is giving out the rose. Thus Harrison’s utterance of Kasey’s name might be a bit misleading.

Know this, if Jake should go home it will become the "Kasey and Vienna Show" because it’s obvious that those two have major issues. Wait. It’s obvious to this viewer that Vienna has issues.

Frankly I’ve never seen more fishwife behavior than that presented by Vienna. Even when she’s not interacting with a man, Vienna comes off as a spoiled brat.

The challenge for this episode, with the winner of each sex getting a rose which will keep him or her safe from elimination, was, well, it was a bit dumb. I don’t know where these shows come up with these ideas. I must suppose some synchronized swimming teacher wanted TV exposure and volunteered services. All of the men in the Pad were to learn and perform a synchronized swimming routine, same with the women.


Come on, synchronized swimming? And with men?


The synchronized swimming teacher, along with some former residents of the Pad, judged the performance of the men and the women. The trainer chose the male and female swimmer who performed the best.

The best male swimmer was Michael, ever despondent former fiancĂ© of contender Holly. Michelle won the women’s best nod. Vienna boo-hooed in a solo camera vignette that not only was Jake out to get her, the darn synchronized swimming teacher’s out to do her dirty.

Not only do the winners become safe from elimination for that week, they get to choose three contenders of the opposite sex to join them on a group date away from the Pad. On that date the winners can award a rose to one of their chosen dates. Michael, who won the challenge on the last episode also, gave a rose to - but of course - the source of his heartbreak, Holly. He gave Holly a rose last week as well.

I have no idea what the deal is with these two but still they have not resolved whatever issues caused them to break up. And it doesn’t look like these issues will be resolved next episode either. Below, a peek video of more angst to come between Holly and Michael.

As for the ongoing "Kasey and Vienna Show", or the "Kasey, Vienna and Jake Show," I’d argue the net result of all this is the viewers’ visceral dislike of Vienna.

Viewers witnessed in more than a few minutes the growing distance between Kasey and Vienna. Vienna weeps that Kasey is supposed to protect her, however that can happen in the rather rare and arranged environment of the Pad. Kasey complains during solo camera vignettes that he’s growing increasingly impatient with Vienna’s constant pouting and insults.

There’s a few other growing romances, disputes, and unholy alliances coming along. There appears to be a growing issue with Blake’s alleged flirting with Holly. Melissa, who seems a bit unhinged, wants Blake to stop betraying her although an argument could be made that there was never any outright commitment by Blake toward Melissa. And goodness, Holly has quite enough emotional baggage what with the buckets of tears being shed over her busted engagement to Michael.

Though I have tongue in cheek at times as regards the interactions in The Bachelor Pad, so far I do quite enjoy the series and am becoming more involved with the tangled webs being weaved in terms of love but also there’s that quarter of a million dollar reward.

Tune in next week for the update and insight from this Bachelor Pad viewer.

By all means watch the show, Monday nights, ABC, 8p/7c. Next week the final contenders for Dancing With the Stars will be announced on the show. Which reminds me, I’ll be covering that one as well.

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