Plastic Surgery Realities Revealed: A Chat with Dr. Michael Fiorillo

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Dr. Michael Fiorillo

Some call him "Dr. Fix It," media call on him when they need an expert opinion, and these days he's become several reality TV stars' best friend. Dr. Fiorillo has long been a leader in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, and now everybody knows it since his work has been featured on several popular shows including Real Housewives of New Jersey and Mob Wives where he's come to the rescue when surgeries elsewhere have gone wrong. Dr. Fiorillo shares some behind-the-scenes info and how he keeps it real.

Tell me about your background. What was your practice like before, and how did you come to find yourself in the reality star circle?

I do mostly cosmetic and plastic surgery. I do a lot of breast augmentations, tummy tucks…basically everything except nose jobs. But, a large part of my practice involves fixing things. Some people even call me “Dr. Fix It” because I find myself revising people’s unhappy results, when someone has plastic surgery and is not thrilled with it.

So, that’s how Danielle [Staub of former Real Housewives of New Jersey fame] came to me. She was looking around at who was good at fixing things, as she wasn’t happy with her breasts, so I did that surgery and that actually is how Renee Graziano [of Mob Wives] found me. She had heard of me and needed another surgery because she wasn’t happy with her case. So, a large part of my practice, and even more so now, is revisionary surgery.

Did you find that anything changed with your practice, or for you professionally after you appeared on that first Real Housewives of New Jersey episode with Danielle?

It definitely helped. I did start getting a lot of women with really bad breasts, poorly done breast surgery, and I started to get a lot of calls from people who were now starting to drive in from different parts of the country hours away. So, I started getting a really big following and my caseload was becoming more and more “re-do surgery.”

We saw what Renee went through on TV with her first surgery before she came to see you, but behind the scenes, what type of shape was she really in?

The show didn’t do justice to what she was going through. She was in bad shape; she had a hole down to her bone in her back right down to her tailbone, and when she came to see me, it was full of dead tissue and was very infected. She had lost a lot of blood as well. So, when I got to her, I had operated on her the first time to try to get that infection out, and she had a nurse twice a day, was on IV antibiotics and it took a good two to three months to get that healed. She was in a bad way, and I’m so glad she’s better now.

What’s the hot trend you’re seeing right now with your clients?

Well, it’s funny that we’re talking today because I just finished meeting with a company that has a new line of implants that are quite interesting, so those are quite a hot item right now.

What’s the number one celebrity people want to look like when they come to you?

Ah, they always say Carmen Electra. They love her boobs, and they all want Kim Kardashian’s butt. I get that all the time. People are asking for butt enhancement all the time, I can’t believe how popular it’s getting right now! I mean, if you had told me ten years ago that a woman would be coming to me asking to inject fat into their butt, I would have thought they were crazy. Usually people want to get rid of fat. It’s amazing!

So, where are we going to be seeing you pop up in the future?

Well, we opened a medi-spa in Manhattan where I do a lot of injections. I’m one of the biggest injectors in the country for Restalyne and such so I opened a second location in Manhattan for this. While I was working on Renee, Karen [Gravano of Mob Wives] always came with her to the appointments, and I found out Karen was a licensed esthetician and owned a spa in Arizona, which I didn’t know. She had been looking to change some things up in her life and was interested in getting involved with the spa as well, so she’s been very involved, consulting and really helping out a lot.

How has it been working with the ladies from Mob Wives?

Good, I really like them a lot. They’re nice girls, and I think they’re portrayed a little differently on the show versus how they really are. They’re all single moms, and they’re trying to make a living and get out of the shadow of the darker side of the lifestyle.

Will we be seeing you on Mob Wives season three?

Well, I definitely have some things coming up. I can’t really say exactly what yet but you’ll definitely see me on more reality shows coming up. That’s for sure.

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