Sanctuary Draws the Curtain on Shooting Season 4

Filming wrapped on season 4 of the Vancouver-shot sci-fi show this week and we were there.

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This blurry image is all we can bring you from Sanctuary's last week of filming... for now.

The cast and crew of the sci-fi series Sanctuary will be getting some well-deserved sleep this weekend after a week in which they finished filming season 4 on location and at night in a Vancouver backstreet.

The Morton Report was represented on set on Tuesday night and hung out until 1.30 am to get the scoop on what looks like a spectacular fourth year finale. Sadly we can't talk about it yet because otherwise a big hairy fellow will hunt us down and give us a good hard slap upside of the head. We will be dropping a few hints about what's in the new season nearer to its premiere, though.

What we can tell you is that star Robin Dunne was packing an impressive gun. And he clearly knew how to use it. Thankfully creator, writer, producer, showrunner, hockey player, and season finale director Damian Kindler was there to keep it under control.

Sanctuary stars Amanda Tapping of Stargate SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis as the head of a worldwide network of refuges for so-called abnormals. These are mutant creatures that live in our world but stay out of the public eye. Co-starring with Tapping are Dunne, Agam Darshi, Christopher Heyerdahl, and Ryan Robbins.

Season 4 of Sanctuary will premiere on its co-production partners SPACE in Canada and Syfy in the United States later this year. Season 3 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 13 in North America and September 26 in Britain.

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