Scientology Connections: Is X-Factor Contestant Stacy Francis Telling The Truth?

Does X-Factor contestant Stacy Francis have a secret she wants to keep?

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On last week's X-Factor, Simon Cowell's new reality talent show, there was a singer showcased named Stacy Francis. 

The story she told was a sad one: single mom, two kids, abusive relationship in her past, struggling artist, too old (she's 42) to make it in the industry. It had all the elements of a great "triumph over tragedy" story, the kind America just eats up.  However, there's more to Stacy Francis than meets the eye.

I first saw Stacy in an infamous video featuring none other than Scientology's crown jewel, actor Tom Cruise. 

On the asbestos-laden Freewinds, a sea-faring vessel owned by the Church of Scientology, church leader David Miscavige threw an extravagant 40th birthday party for his best friend Tom Cruise. The video, which I actually was given a hard copy of from a former member of Scientology, was an embarrassment, especially when you realize the outlandishness of a supposed "church" leader throwing a big, fully-catered extravaganza for one of its members.

Tom and David's big night out from Tom and David on Vimeo.

Back to Stacy, one of the highlights of the video is Tom Cruise being serenaded by an attractive black woman, singing directly to Cruise, the man of honor.  Tom seems both embarrassed and elated by the attention, and some awkward dancing ensues. At the time, there was some speculation about Stacy, her involvement in the church and eventually all interest died down.

Fast forward to 2011, and there's Stacy again on the stage, but no mention of her auspicious beginnings in Hollywood, her rubbing elbows with Hollywood's rich and famous, or what if any, benefit she may have had in her career through her Scientology connections.

Even more disturbing is her sad tale of woe and how it might conflict with very recent past.  A forum on is investigating inconsistencies in her story, including whether or not she's even divorced (it seems that's a recent development) and how hard has she really struggled in her career.

According to her IMDB page, she's certainly had moderate success and has a number of television appearances to her credit. She also starred in the role made famous by former American Idol contestant and Academy-Award winner Jennifer Hudson in Dream Girls at the San Diego Musical Theatre in 2008.

While Stacy says she's a single mom, but it seems disingenuous for her to imply she's raised her kids on her own, as her ex-husband runs a lucrative dental practice. Also of note is questions over a recent FB page deletion. Stacy claims on her current FB that another page was taken down that wasn't her. But sources are stating that's a lie and that page, which was personal in nature and contained a number of family photos, including her with her now "ex" husband Dr. Darwin Hayes, was taken down.

It certainly seems like Stacy did some revision on her history before her big close-up, perhaps in an effort to appeal to the judges and her future audience, unfortunately for her, the internet is not a great secret keeper.

Stacy may be a bona fide talent, but a down on her luck, rags-to-riches story she is NOT.

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