Surely Those Project Runway Designers Were Joking with Their Menswear?

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Before we get to the meat here, let’s have a look-see at Heidi Klum’s outfit at the 2011 Emmy awards ceremony. I wrote a fashion piece about this year’s Emmys, tongue in cheek, for those interested. This pic was in it as the dress was designed by a Project Runway contender. I think Heidi looks great but it’s a look that only Heidi could pull off.


So okay, menswear is not normally the stuff of runways or fashion fame. But it’s important. Witness my husband, who wears one pair of dungarees and a total of three different shirts rotated weekly and that’s pretty much it. I do, like many women across the fruited plains, buy my husband’s clothes as he does not have a clue.

On this week's Project Runway episode the remaining eight designers were divvied up into two groups of four. Each group was assigned the task of clothing a musical rock group, the Sheep Dogs, that I never heard of.

As I saw it this group looked fairly normal for a rock group that didn’t sing especially good music. But the challenge was for the designers to create each fellow a new look that would reflect each individual's aura but make the singers look fashionable for the era of their music.

Which era was, as best I could ascertain, the '70s, because the outfits designed looked like the hippie attire of my youth. Those poor band members looked astonishingly like my husband should a dress-up occasion be upon and he must choose his own outfit. I positively felt sorry for those gents.

First, the loser of the night was Olivier.


Heh. This poor guy has to wear this flowery shirt paired with white denim jeans and…well, yon reader has eyeballs. Those big front patch pockets make the outfit ready for derision.


Anya, the darling of the Runway judges, came up with this outfit and to me this guy looks like he’s the star Indian in a school play. Anya came in the lowest three for this offering, somewhere she’s not been during this entire competition.


Joshua, Mr. Personality with a permanent attitude, came up with this design and it passed mediocre muster with the judges. I had to smile as during the build-up to the final runway reveal, Tim Gunn questioned the choice of affixing that very obvious zipper on the front of the pants. Gunn mentioned that it drew attention directly to the crotch area to which Joshua responded that this was his intention.

In an on-camera solo vignette Joshua then said that his experience in menswear design was for mostly gay men. Which meant, I was not sure, that maybe gay men like to draw undue attention to their crotch? Still I thought the final result here was one of the better submissions even with that ostentatious zipper.


This was a presentation by Anthony Ryan and again, it looks silly and nothing like something a member of a rock band would wear.


This is the winning design by contender Viktor. Well, he does look like a member of a rock band and the fringed jacket was well made and happening. I’m not a fan of the torn knee holes but again, a hard-partying rocker might have ragged knees from crawling around so it's not an incongruent design item.

Adam Lambert, a second place contender for my all time favorite competitive reality TV show, American Idol, and a gay man, was the guest judge this week. Adam is very fashion savvy though this is no surprise to me. During his stint on American Idol it was obvious that Adam knew his fashion style.

There’s an old theorem about male fashion designers and their female models. So often, goes the lore, the male designers dress the models like they are dressing a young man, leaning toward the very thin and severe with their designs. By me those designers didn’t have a clue how to dress a heterosexual male, though I hasten to add that the precious Anya was way off as well with the design.

Speaking of Anya, as I was writing this column I was all set to assert with confidence that Anya would be the contender to walk off with the first place prize. I leaned this way mostly because throughout this series Anya has been the darling of the judges, who oohed and aahed about her natural design talent and expressed constant amazement over her excellent sewing skills even though Anya supposedly had never sewn a stitch before this series.

anya-contender.jpgAnd, indeed, Anya did always present a well-sewn and designed entrĂ©e for the challenges. However, I went back and reviewed my notes and I am surprised that to date Anya has yet to win a challenge. Up until this episode Anya had never landed in the bottom three to a danger of being “out,” but she'd never won.

viktor-contender.jpgThere are now seven designers left. All of them have won a challenge except for Anya. Viktor, my choice as winner of this year’s Project Runway, has now won two challenges and a rough scan of my notes shows he has never been in danger of elimination.

Project Runway airs on Thursday on Lifetime at 9p/8c.

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