A Chat with Real Housewives of Miami Star Lisa Hochstein

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Real Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein’s effervescence is contagious, and it’s impossible not to like her from the start. Amid a whirlwind of drama, the gorgeous new star of this season’s Real Housewives of Miami has won the audience with her charm, wit and down-to-earth personality. Though she seems to have it all with a pitch-perfect lifestyle, viewers love her ability to keep it real. I recently caught up with Lisa and she shared her fitness and nutrition secrets and talked about keeping it real on TV.

Tell me a bit about your background. How did you actually get to be a Real Housewife in Miami?

Well, I grew up in Toronto, Canada so it’s a big deal to be able to move somewhere nice and warm. All of my friends were really in the same industry—acting and modeling mostly—and everyone wanted to get their visas and move to the States, because that’s where you can really work and do more. So, I was actually headed to the West Coast but I met my husband and I guess you could say he imported me! I’ve been here for five years now.

And you finally feel like a Miami girl?

Well, I’m a Real Housewife of Miami so it doesn’t get more Miami than that!

How has it been with the show? Are the episodes playing out as you’ve expected they would and are you happy with the way you’re being presented?

I am coming out smelling as fresh as a daisy! Really, I’m loving that they’re portraying me as the real me; what you see on TV is really who I am and I can either be more crazy in a good way, and I guess next season they’ll dig deeper so you’ll get to see more of our real character. The fans are really taking to me which is great, because in the beginning the general consensus was that they thought everyone wasn’t going to like me.

LH1.jpgYou know, I could see that. Don’t take it the wrong way, but you have it all — you’ve got the body, the house, the fantastic husband — and on the surface you are an easy person to dislike up front, but then you start to show who you are and the viewers really end up absolutely loving you.

I know, and I’ve experienced that my whole life — people always tend to judge a book by its cover. I’ve got these big boobs, I’m skinny, I work out, I have blond hair, and people like to assume that I’m a bitch [laughs] and I’m not. I’m probably the most sane one! Just because I live a great lifestyle doesn’t mean I’m snotty. I go by how people are and how they treat me and others. I’ve kept all of my same friends for the past 15 years, they’re really all still my friends. I’ve made a handful of good friends here but the rest are just acquaintances to me.

You’ve managed to stay above the drama — well done.

Yes, I know some of the girls have issues with each other but I think the reason that I don’t have issues is that I won’t fight with someone I don’t know. I prefer to get to know somebody, understand their character and then decide for myself how I feel about them, that’s been my strategy both on the show and really in life. I am who I am, I’m very nice to people at first and sometimes they like to mistake that for weakness but believe me, I’m definitely anything but weak. If you do something that’s wrong and everyone around you knows it, and you’re just trying to take advantage of something, I will definitely cut you out.

So, fitness is obviously really important to you. What’s a typical day for you and how do you keep in shape?

Okay, don’t kill me for this but I am a small person, my body type is petite so for me, I used to work out more because I wanted to gain muscle but now I find things are changing. I turned 30, things are slowing down but I always maintain a very healthy lifestyle. I eat pretty clean, just to feel healthy — no additives, nothing in a box. If I go out to eat I hold the oil as much as I can, make my cocktails “skinny” with less sugar and with working out, I follow a regimen at my home. I alternate my muscle groups: one day I’ll do my bis and tris, the next I’ll do glutes, the next shoulders or back, and my abs and calves get done every day. I do 45 minutes of cardio and I like to mix in Pilates at least once a week, from my home. People always think you’ve got to go out to a gym but really you can do this in your own home, using your own resistance.

A long time ago, I had a trainer who really taught me everything I know, so I always recommend everyone start with a trainer. It can be very intimidating going into a gym and not knowing what to do. It’s a great investment when you first start out getting fit. And by the way, I also recommend doing a cleanse; this is one of my fitness secrets! I think a cleanse is a great solution to get your body back in shape, a sort of “spring cleaning”. People don’t realize that it’s all very simple, it’s all about working out and eating right. Those two things go hand in hand, it’s an easy formula and people think it’s a huge secret! I really don’t do low carb, rather whole grains, lots of vegetables and fruits, it’s really just like everything you learned in elementary school. I don’t understand fad diets — once you stop, it’s easy to go back to bad habits so you really just have to find a healthy lifestyle. That’s what I promote, that’s all I really do. Six small meals a day are also very important.

What’s the biggest motivation for you to stay fit?

Honestly, for me the biggest thing is to feel healthy. I can feel it inside when I’m not eating well for a few days, I feel sluggish and tired so that’s the biggest factor. Also, of course, to look good; especially living in Miami, you’re half naked all the time so that’s a big motivating factor! I don’t think anyone should do it just to look good on the outside, because if you don’t feel good on the inside you won’t want to get up and work out.

You’ve shared you fertility issues on camera, which had to have been difficult. Has it helped you in any way?

Well, I was really hesitant to speak about it at first because it’s such a personal subject so I decided I would talk about it but not go into such great detail on all the steps I went through. So, you see me speaking about it with Karent on one episode and also with my husband, and there will be two other occasions where you’ll see me trying to do everything we can with a specialist. The fans have been so great and I’ve been receiving so much information on things I didn’t even know I could do, so that’s been really helpful. I didn’t realize that so many women had the same problem. It’s one of those things that people don’t really talk about, so by putting myself out there it made me feel like I wasn’t so alone. There are so many women struggling with it, even women younger than me which is crazy, because I always thought there was something really wrong with me, that this should be happening at such a young age. I’m happy that a lot of these women viewers are relating to me and they’re happy that I’m showing my journey, because they also now don’t feel alone and maybe I’m helping them with their struggles in some way.

Where are you right now on that journey?

Right now we’re doing everything we can, we’re still seeing a specialist and we’re going to try some different tests to go another route. Always trying to mix up the formula to see what’s going to work and I’m very hopeful this time around that I’ll be expecting! It was kind of a big stress reliever to reveal it on the show, because I don’t have to explain it to everybody, because I’ve avoided these questions from so many people who were always asking us, “When are you going to have a kid?" It’s been a long time and I feel like God has a plan. I feel like when the timing is right, we’ll have our child.

What’s in the pipeline for Lisa Hochstein?

We’re currently designing our new home on Star Island and I’m very excited! This time around I get to design the house with my husband. I’ll be able to have so much input. The house we’re in now was built before I came into the picture and although I love our house and it’s beautiful, I believe the new house will feel more like home to me because it will be designed exactly the way I want it to be. It’s great for a married couple to have the opportunity to design a home together. It takes so much time, between the building and decorating so we’ll be there in about two years.

I’m also planning some business ventures as well! Hopefully by next season you’ll really see me working and developing my skin care line. We’re testing it out right now and there’s so much that goes into it. If all goes well with that, I’d love to do my own fitness supplements like protein powders, and also a cleanse. I’d love to come back to Real Housewives of Miami next season, I think it would be better than ever because all of the ladies would really know each other better…and you know what happens when they all know each other!

Lisa’s Protein Power Pancakes

1/2 cup of whole grain uncooked oats
1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese
4 large egg whites
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. of Splenda
Nonstick olive oil spray
Sugar-free maple syrup or honey
Fresh fruit (optional)

Blend all the ingredients except the maple syrup together until smooth. Lightly spray and heat a non-stick pan over medium heat. Pour about 1/4 cup of the batter onto the pan to form a pancake. Flip over after about 2 minutes or until you see bubbling; repeat the last step until golden brown. Add sugar-free syrup and fruit to taste and enjoy!

Tip: For added protein add a scoop of vanilla or flavorless protein powder to the mix or a small amount of peanut butter as a topping.

Catch Lisa on The Real Housewives of Miami every Thursday at 9 pm EST on Bravo. You can also follow her on Twitter or Facebook.

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