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Watch It!: Kathy Griffin’s Spot-on Emmy Aftermath

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Host Jane Lynch cinched the Emmy show with a smirk, a wink and lines like: “A lot of people are very curious why I’m a lesbian…Ladies and gentleman, the cast of Entourage.” There were fun moments, welcome upsets, worthy winners. But don’t take my word for it, watch the queen of searing wit and celebrity send-ups: Kathy Griffin’s Emmy Aftermath on the TV Guide Channel at 8, 9 and 10 pm tonight! For her unexpurgated purview of the best of the worst moments and her hysterical insights tune in.

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There’s also Joan Rivers’ The Fashion Police at 10 pm on E! for post-Emmy outfit bashing, Kelly Osbourne’s commentary, and the full-on undressing of the celebs (like Hendriks’ wearing her cleavage instead of a gown) and all those the red dresses blending in with the red carpet.

Other than the predictability of some of the trophies with Mad Men’s fourth and Modern Family’s second year and third…fourth…fifth…sixth win. Prompting Lynch to say: “Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards.” I do wish the Academy members would spread the love - hallelujah for Friday Night Lights, The Kennedys and Downton Abbey. 

My favoites? Opening bits: Anderson Cooper’s Jersey schtick, Melissa McCartney and the best comedy actress tiara-topped pageantry, and she and Amy Poehler as presenters about meaty roles for guys, the grown men named Jimmy (Kimmel and Fallon) in a bit about not preparing speeches, Ty Burrell and Guy Pearce’s speeches.

Okay, now can we talk speeches? Please stop pretending you might not win. Skip the disclaimer and cut to the thank you. Time is limited. It’s never believable even if true. But the big beef: If you can’t articulate something meaningful, clever and entertaining—hire a speech writer! You can afford it.

Dispense with the obligatory gratitude to your agent, publicist and spouse—unless it’s amusing—or your wife is (i.e.: Mrs. Steve Levitan of Modern Family). Please think of something worthwhile to say. This is a big night. Something sincere and emotional works (i.e.: Margo Martindale for Justified, Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones). Pay attention to the Brits—they are always smart and witty. C’mon! We’d all sit through three hours without whining if you all said some takeaway worth repeating.

And forget the Emmy Tones! Seeing Chuck’s Zachary Levi, Taraji B. Henson, Community’s Joel McHale and others in those musical category intros fell flat. Should’ve taped the Gleesters as Lynch’s backup singers.

Can’t wait to hear what Kathy has to say. I hope she has some sharp caustic comment about the Amazing Race winning—again. Really?

Kathy Griffin’s Emmy Aftermath repeats every night but Thursday, so if you’re watching the Charlie Sheen roast tonight, catch it later, set to record.

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