The Beach Boys Give You Something To SMiLE About

The legendary title will be released in three variations.

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Oh, the legendary unreleased albums. The list is a lot longer than you realize, but few have received the press and the rabid interest of SMiLE, the great “lost” Beach Boys album.

As legend has it, SMiLE was completed and anticipated as the follow-up to Pet Sounds. If you've heard “Good Vibrations” (and you have), then you have a good idea of the quality of the music found on the album. “Good Vibrations” was a song intended for SMiLE but was released even as SMiLE itself languished. The classic tune went on to become a massive hit for The Beach Boys.

Over time, parts of SMiLE found home on other albums and compilations. After a while, SMiLE became one of rock's greatest enigmas, but that is about to be rectified in complete detail with a massive introduction of the classic “lost” album, which is currently planned BeachBoysSmileBox.jpgfor November 1.


SMiLE will be finally released in three sets. The first set is the biggie with five CDs, two LPs, and two 7” singles. All discs will be carried in a large box, and will be supplemented by a 60-page hard-bound book with the usual goodies like photos, memorabilia, essays, and other SMiLE-related materials. The LPs will come in a gatefold jacket along with the original 12” by 12” booklet that was planned for the original release back in 1967. The box will be completed with a 24” by 36” poster.

Arguably the most anticipated set is the two-CD box. It will contain the most important of tracks from the legendary sessions. This set will include a 36-page booklet with notes, photos, and memorabilia. It will be completed with a collectible SMiLE button.

The title isBeachBoysSmileLP.jpg also planned to be released as a two LP gatefold.

SMiLE is finally getting the release that it deserves. In 2004, Brian Wilson re-recorded the album, but those tracks are Brian Wilson 2004, not The Beach Boys 1967. So, while Brian's efforts were noble, this is the one that everyone wants. If you're among the extreme fans who have lived for the air that these sets expel, then now is your holy chance to complete what had always been considered an unfinished The Beach Boys catalog.

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