The Movie Spew: Ben Affleck Could Direct Stephen King's The Stand, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Django, Phantom Menace 3D

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Here’s something that comes up quite a bit, Warner Brothers is in discussions to sign on Ben Affleck for a marquee project that they are developing. Now, here’s something that you don’t here everyday: they want the guy to direct.

That’s right, ol’ Benny-boy has pulled off the career transition that he was hoping for and now even the major studios consider him a director first and an actor second. A few years ago, that would have seemed laughable, but the guy did it and now he might bring Stephen King’s epic The Stand to the big screen.

Previously adapted into a TV mini-series back when every Stephen King book was turned into one of those, the film will be about a virus killing off 99% of the population leaving survivors in a post-apoctalyptic world where they also have to deal with a group of demonic ne'er do wells.

The epic production has been making the rounds in Hollywood for quite some time with the Harry Potter director/writing team David Yates/Steve Kloves being the last folks who were briefly in charge of the adaptation.

The fact that Warners even wants Affleck shows how highly he’s thought of as a director. He hasn’t officially signed on yet, so don’t hold your breath about this actually happening. There have been whispers of getting a film adaptation of The Stand off the ground for years and years now, so this sucker won’t happen overnight with or without Affleck.

Still, it’s interesting to know that Affleck is now considered a director worthy of handing over a major blockbuster to in Hollywood. Now let’s just hope he doesn’t do the same thing he did with his acting career and turn early indie success into a career of mainstream swill. He probably learned his lesson last time, but it’s amazing how much people in Hollywood love money. You never know. 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Might Join Django


It seems like every day some new famous face is added to the cast of Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming slavery western Django whether it be Tom Savani or Kurt Russell. Everyone wants a slice of the pop-culture obsessive’s latest pie.

Today it appears that Tarantino is inching towards adding another big time name to his cast in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the child star turned unexpectedly respected actor thanks to films like Mysterious Skin, Brick, and Inception.

Tarantino apparently met with the actor to discuss an unspecified role and he’s interested, but has a damn busy schedule of other commitments and is trying to find a way to open up some time before the January start date. It’s hard to imagine that he won’t fit the film in considering the sheer volume of big names Tarantino has locked up so far including Levitt’s Inception buddy Leonardo DiCaprio, Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Foxx.

Who would have thought that Tarantino would choose his slavery epic to be his all-star extravaganza? I guess he’s written himself some damn appealing racists. Regardless, I can’t wait to see the flick. Hopefully Quentin plans on a fast editing turnaround like Inglourious Basterds and will get this movie on screens by the fall. I’m just too curious. 


Yep, You Can Finally Watch The Phantom Menace 3D Trailer


As a someone who grew up worshiping Star Wars, I should theoretically be thrilled by the fact that the films are being re-released in theaters in 3D.

However, George Lucas seems to be going out of his way to alienate the lifelong fans who made his fortune and will be releasing the 3D editions annually in chronological order starting with The Phantom Menace.

Why that guy keeps insisting to treat the terrible, terrible prequels like they’re classics they aren’t remains a mystery, but he’s going to make the few people who actually want to see the Star Wars movies in 3D wait several years for that experience so that the craptastic early saga about Jar Jar Binks, vomit-inducing romance, and endless political debates can disappoint audiences in a new dimension.

You can check out the trailer for the Phantom Menace 3D below which amusingly opens with a small screen to remind audiences that even though they just bought the Star Wars blu-rays you can’t really experience the subtleties of Jake Lloyd and Hayden Christensen’s “performances” on a television.

No, you need to watch them stumble over terrible dialogue on the largest possible screen to get the full effect. A well, at least I can look forward to seeing the original Star Wars movies again theatrically in 2015. Yay! Damn you Lucas…

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