UbiSoft's U-Play Passport Debut Botched on Xbox 360

Misprinting ruins Ubisoft's first attempt at an online pass

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Mega game publisher UbiSoft was supposed to join the controversial "Project $10" club, a means of socking used buyers with an additional fee for multiplayer access. EA, THQ, Warner, and Sony have all pulled this off (EA to the tune of $10-$15 million). UbiSoft? Not so much.

The first Passport title on Xbox 360 was supposed to be Driver: San Francisco, a revitalized franchise entry with lofty expectations. Due to a printing error, the Xbox 360 version is missing four additional digits necessary for this to actually work. As such, UbiSoft had to relent, and is offering the Passport for free on Xbox 360.

PlayStation 3 owners? Their codes will work, and used game buyers will still have to pay, which doesn't seem all that fair.

Fair or not, this has to sting UbiSoft a little, and hopefully sour them on the concept, both in terms of consumer backlash from PS3 being mistreated (due to their failure) and the idea in general. EA's statement about the $15 million they've hauled in not being "dramatic" is a starting point to judge how out of touch executives implementing these plans can be.

For the record, if it's not that "dramatic," I'll gladly soak up a few million in revenue from online passes. Please?

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