Bentley's Bandstand: Twenty Reissue Haiku Reviews

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With so many reissues falling from the sky, it's time to throw a batch together and try the haiku review spin on them. Whoever said "first word best word" (Kerouac? Ginsberg?) is right.

Eric Andersen, The Essential Eric Andersen

Greenwich Village nights 
song poet for the cosmos 
seer of Bleecker 

BentleyHaiku_May18_JosephArthur.jpg Joseph Arthur, Redemption's Son (15th Anniversary Edition)

Akron to New York 
a restless visionary 
spray paint rock and roll 

BentleyHaiku_May18_SandyBull.jpg Sandy Bull, Steel Tears & Endventions

From banjo to oud 
no string ever left untouched 
a hipster comes home 

BentleyHaiku_May18_JesseEdDavis.jpg Jesse Ed Davis, Red Dirt Boogie - The Atco Recordings 1970-1972

Oklahoma man 
guitar in hand way out west 
hit spin cycle hard 

merge_from_ofoct.jpg The Gladiators, Symbol of Reality and Serious Thing

A mess of the best 
the congo bongo is here 
ha fe be a dread 

BentleyHaiku_May18_GratefulDead.jpg Grateful Dead, The Best of the Grateful Dead Live

The bus and the Bear 
rainbow colors ev'rywhere 
lively forever 

BURGER 5_15 Are You One of Jays Kids (380x380).jpg Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Are You One of Jay's Kids? - The Complete Bizarre Sessions 1990-1994

Constipation blues 
and two white bones in his nose 
Bizarro exit 

BentleyHaiku_May18_Malo.jpg Malo, Latin Bugaloo: The Warner Bros. Singles

Percussion and horns 
turned up to 10 and set free 
Malo es bueno 

BentleyHaiku_May18_LymanFamily.jpg The Lyman Family with Lisa Kindred, American Avatar

Up from Beacon Hill 
Revolutionary trail 
A mission begins 

BentleyHaiku_May18_CharlesMingus.jpg Charles Mingus, Live at Montreux 1975

Bigger than a bass 
Mingus man walks our white land 
git it in yer' soul 

Geoff & Maria Muldaur, Pottery Pie and Sweet Potatoes 

Husband and wife awe 
Kitchen blues and other hues 

New Rhythm & Blues 
a quintet of multiples 
sonic octupus 

5_8_Capitol Singles 1967_1970.jpg Buck Owens and the Buckaroos, The Complete Capitol Singles: 1967-1970

Bakersfield baron 
looking beyond chicken-fried 
pre-Hee Haw hoohay 

BentleyHaiku_May18_LouReed.jpg Lou Reed, Animal Serenade

Sister Ray dawning 
The Raven is calling Lou 
to say his goodbye 

BentleyHaiku_May18_NinoTemple.jpg Nino Tempo, Purveyor of Balladry: The Best of Nino Tempo on Atlantic

Cooler than a breeze 
A saxophone for all ears 
Deep Purple and green 

BentleyHaiku_May18_Mojo.jpg Various Artists, Mojo, June 2018 - Big Sensations: 15 Floor Fillers

Pure soul gyrations 
mysterious dark dancin' 
to the dawn's first light 

BURGER 5_15 Technicolor Paradise.jpeg Various Artists, Technicolor Paradise: Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights

Conga drums bird calls 
exotica 'rotica 
fizzy mysteries 

Burger5_21_Battleground Korea.jpg Various Artists, Battleground Korea: Songs and Sounds of America’s Forgotten War

Deja vu coming 
Korean sounds fill the skies 
then we say goodbye 

BentleyHaiku_May18_MuddyWaters.jpg Muddy Waters, The Best of Muddy Waters

Hollering bluesman 
plugs into the universe 
while the world erupts 

bentleyhaiku_may18_webbwilder.png Webb Wilder & the Beatnecks, Powerful Stuff!

Mississippi born 
rock & roll wild man beat freak 
grows big wears glasses

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