Tears Flood Big Brother House

Betrayal, weeping, eviction.

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There’s been two evictions in the BB house since my last report  On this episode reported Brendon got evicted and yes, there were tears but mostly shed by the very emotionally fragile Rachel.

After that the rapid series of events over the next few episodes, and bear in mind there are three new episodes a week, blurred this viewer’s concentrating mind. First, Jeff won Head of Household. The love of his life, Jordon, was delighted, Kalia and Porsche, not so much. For Jeff nominated those two for eviction on the episode aired 8/21/11 and by me, the viewer with the blurry brain, these nominations made no sense. Daniele and Rachel both seemed the bigger danger to Jeff and Jordon but hey, maybe this is why I’m the viewer instead of an actual Big Brother resident.

EXCEPT, on the following episode, with either Kalia or Porsche up for elimination, Julie Cheng announced another infamous BB rule change. This particular week, there will be TWO evictions.

The Power of Veto challenge then played out and Jeff won this. Remember please that Jeff had already nominated Daniele and Kalia for eviction. Winning the Power of Veto allows the winner to veto an eviction nomination; most BB residents seek the power of veto to get themselves off the eviction block but anyone can win in and can use it in strategic ways to increase their own chances of winning.

So Jeff, in a move that baffled me, used the power of veto on Porsche. Porsche? He’d already nominated Porsche! As Head of Household, hang in there, Jeff then had to appoint another house member for eviction. He nominated Daniele for eviction in place of Porsche, which I think he should have done the first time, see the above near the phrase “blurry mind.” 

Daniele did get evicted. Jeff referred to this as “back-dooring” Daniele and this is a phrase used with frequency in the Big Brother house. Not sure what it means but I gather it’s a sneaky way of nominating someone for eviction. At any rate my many prior predictions that Daniele would win this are now worth the paper on what they are written. Kalia then won the Head of Household.

Now we get primed for the anguish. Kalia avoided blurring my mind and nominated Jeff and Rachel for eviction. This makes sense to me as these are the two most experienced players left in the house save Jordon, and she’s kind of a meek cutie-pie.

The players left, save the HOH, who only votes in the event of a tie, then cast their eviction vote for either Rachel or Jeff. The players left included Jeff, Jordon, Rachel, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia and Adam. Rachel voted to evict Jeff, of course, and Jeff voted to evict Rachel, of course.  Shelly and Porsche voted to evict Jeff. Adam, always pals with Jeff and Jordon, voted to evict Rachel. Jordon, Jeff’s sweetheart, voted to evict Rachel. That’s three votes to evict Jeff, with three votes to evict Rachel. Kalia, as the then HOH, cast the tie vote to evict Jeff.

Let the tears begin.

Big Brother jordon angst.jpg The tears began with Jordon, as expected. She is Jeff’s sweetheart and she will miss him as Rachel misses Brendon.

Jordon also got quite angry and her anger was directed solidly at Shelly. Shelly was, as she told the couple, aligned solidly with Jeff and Jordon. Except comes the time to vote in private, Shelly, eh, well I guess she “back-doored” Jeff, lying to him while betraying him.

Big Brother shelly angst.jpg

Well hey, Big Brother is a show about human nature and I understand that sadness and tears are part of human nature.  But Big Brother is also a show about winning. Shelly voted to evict Jeff because, eh, she wants to win!  Shelly determined that Jeff was a bigger deterrent to her eventual victory than Rachel and she voted for eviction accordingly.

Still we must have drama and this most recent episode, on 8/28/11, EVERYONE in the house was crying!  Jordon was crying because Jeff was gone, this is understandable.  Shelly was crying because Jordon shouted at her for the betrayal of her beloved. Adam, dear Lord, even rock and roller Adam was crying. I don’t know why. Kalia was crying because her friend Shelly was sad.

Porsche was crying, again, I don’t know why. She’d won the power of veto that week and if she really wanted to save Jeff she could have by using it on him. Porsche chose not to use the power of veto.

The oddest flow of tears of all was… RACHEL!  I mean, come on, Rachel was saved from eviction due to Jeff getting the boot so what are her boo-hoos all about?  Then again, this is Rachel, who cries at anything.

We are left with Porsche now Head of Household as she won the most recent challenge. NO WAIT! There’s been another rule change. Julie Cheng reported that everyone left in the house must choose a partner. This chosen partner will part of a duo to be put on the eviction block by the HOH. Thus Porsche cannot choose two random people to go up for eviction, but must choose one pair. This action will greatly change the strategy for choosing the pair to be put on the block for eviction.

The pairs are:




Obviously Porsche won’t choose Kalia as she is paired with her so a nomination of Kalia would end up putting Porsche herself up for eviction. Porsche seems to like both Adam and Shelly so it’s not likely she’ll choose that pair. I’m thinking she’ll go with Jordon and Rachel, and, indeed, this pair might well have been Porsche’s nominees by the original rules.

Below, a little video of the anguish this past week, for giggles and grins.  Or tears.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this series so check in every week, here, as this reality shows goes into the finale.

Big Brother airs on CBS, Wednesdays at 8p/7c, Thursdays 9p/8c, and Sundays, 8p/7c.  Also, check into the Big Brother house live cam  to see what’s going on in the house when it’s not on air.

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