Prohibition Be Damned! Organic Spirits Be Blessed!

The trail to happy tastebuds and joyful spirits leads to downtown LA.

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Almost 100 years after Prohibition plagued the American drinker's life, the very first distillery since those dry dismal days has opened in Los Angeles. Amidst broken down warehouses and dilapidated store fronts in Downtown Los Angeles, sits the shining Greenbar Collective.

The husband and wife team behind Greenbar Collective’s award winning organic spirits is Melkon Khosrovian and Litty Mathew, a couple blessed with style and integrity. Their spirits are made from all organic produce and concocted in as green a spirit as possible, leaving the smallest carbon footprint as possible.

Greenbar LA Distillery.JPG The flavors: supremely delicious. I drink very little alcohol, so when I even have one drink I usually feel it the next day. I tasted two Greenbar creations: “Employee’s Choice” with TRU Lemon Vodka, TRU Gin, and FRUITLAB Jasmine Liqueur, BAR KEEP Lavender Bitters, among other inspired ingredients, and then “8th Street Mojito” with CRUSOE Silver Run, FRUITLAB Hibiscus Liqueur, BAR KEEP Swedish Bitters, and a bunch of cilantro and lime. Both were divine. I then tried a full glass of their creation “Downtown Paloma,” made with fresh grapefruit juice, FRUITLAB orange liqueur, lime juice, agave nectar, sweet basil leaves and their amazing IXÀ Silver Tequila.

It was beyond deliciosa! I wanted several more, but I was the designated driver, and I usually can’t tolerate a lot of alcohol. I was absolutely fine to drive. And, more important, the day after their grand opening celebration, I did not suffer a single foggy post-drinking moment. These spirits are pure as can be, and feel like an elixir going down.

Greenbar Bottles.JPGWhen food and drink are made with integrity, a commitment to organics and green technology, and made in the joyful spirit born of a lovely couple, their effects can’t help but be anything but uplifting.

Find out where you can get your own Greenbar Collective stash.

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