Crime-Fighting Ferret Helps Police

Ferret stars in Queensland PSAs

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If you’d asked me a month ago if being compared to a ferret was a good thing, I’d have probably said no. So when a friend decided to draw just such a comparison between one of the little critters and me, I was understandably a little miffed. Sure they’re cute too, but I’m not that furry.

All became clear once they’d explained, and it turned out there was indeed a compliment to be had.

Last year, the Queensland Police Service over in Australia released the first of what has become a series of public service cartoons about fraud, starring a ferret by the name of Fiscal.

I think it’s great when someone makes an effort to get important information across in a fun and accessible way, and with the very kind permission of the Queensland Police Service, I am pleased to present to you Fiscal, The Fraud Fighting Ferret.


These videos are © The State of Queensland (Queensland Police Service) 2011.

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Steve Clark is the director of an IT support company based in London, UK. A confirmed geek who's been nosing around inside computers for the past three decades, he considers solving puzzles, cracking codes, and improving security protocols to be legitimate ways of having fun.

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