Feeling The Force with Fox's Star Wars Blu-ray App

Enticing preview of hi-def special features induces heavy breathing.

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20th Century Fox

I hate you 20th Century Fox. Next week you're releasing The Complete Series of Stargate Atlantis on Blu-ray and then, after giving me less than two months to pawn my way back to financial stability, you're forcing Star Wars: The Complete Saga on me. How can I not max out my credit card before Christmas?

Now, to make matters worse, you want to tease me with a taste of the Star Wars special features through that Early Access app thing you released today. I'm not buying it.

It's free? Well, I'm still not buying it.

I've got to admit to being impressed by its main menu, though. I especially appreciate the fact that the numerals for Episodes IV to VI are front and center. Well everyone knows there are really only three Star Wars movies, right?

It's only available for the iPad right now -- it's good thing I only have an iPhone 3GS then -- I don't want to be tempted into being an early adopter. I'm betting Apple is going to have to update its iOS to make it convert any images of Jar Jar Binks to Scarlett Johansson or Bradley Cooper on the fly, and I wouldn't want to preempt that.

Tomorrow I'm going to stop by booth #3528 at Comic-Con and ask for a handout for the expenses I will incur over the next three months. If you don't give it to me, I'll shoot you under the table with my water pistol. I'll get away with it too, because the footage will be edited later to make it look like you fired first and somehow missed from 36 inches away.

Maybe I should just suck it up, buy an iPad, download the app and get a taste of all those hours of bonus features you said are going to be on the Blu-rays (I heard through a wire tap what sounded like more than 40 but it was obscured by the sound of a newspaper rustling). The app is free after all, so that's kind of like saving money. And with Apple selling just 9.25 million tablets this quarter, I could feel like I was really helping others. But I need to buy another sock and I've seen one I like at the Salvation Army store.

You did the same thing to me last year when you brought out The Alien Anthology in October and the Extra-Twice-Extended Edition of Avatar in November. If I didn't know better, I'd say you caused the debt that made the world plunge into a recession. Then again, I guess you can't help it if you have the rights to release some of the best films and TV shows ever made. On second thought, maybe I love you, 20th Century Fox.

You can download Fox Mobile Home Entertainment's Star Wars Blu-ray: Early Access app for the iPad in Apple's App Store. It will be available for all iOS devices on August 2nd. Star Wars: The Complete Saga will be released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on September 16th.

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