Splash Color in Your Fall and Winter Garden

Keeyla Meadows' color advice to gardeners is “get lack of permission out of your brain!”

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Photo: Keeyla Meadows

The warmth of this Keeyla Meadows container lasts through all four seasons, emphasized by bulbs in the spring, and colorful foliage in spring, summer, and fall.

Turn Keeyla Meadows and her color ideas loose in your garden and you will never complain about a dull fall and winter garden again.

Color in the fall garden means more than orange mums and burgundy foliage. In Fearless Color Gardens: The Creative Gardener’s Guide to Jumping off the Color Wheel author Keeyla Meadows blasts open conventional ideas. 

Meadows covers every possible surface in the garden with unexpected color. When she uses blue, for example, the color is not just in pansies and cobalt containers. She exuberantly paints it on walls, gates and cement walkways. She scatters blue stones between plantings and pulls in the blue sky as part of the garden composition. 

Meadows was a professional artist when she began to see gardens as paintings. “People were not looking at the whole picture in terms of color.” She took on gardens as three-dimensional works of art and hasn’t stopped in 20 years. A celebrated garden designer, this is her second book.

On a rainy, winter day Meadows' home garden is still filled with color supplied by tinted cement and mosaic hardscapes, bright metal arches and sculptures, and painted containers.

Once the flowers in your own garden fade, you can keep color going through rain, sleet, and snow. Even in a winter garden you will have vivid accents when you spark off some of Meadows' design ideas in the gallery of photos. 

View gallery: Colorful Gardens All Year Round

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