Google This: Learn to Reinvent Yourself Like the Not-So-Little Search Engine that Could

Whether you're starting from the ground up or retrofitting one of your skill sets, self-reinvention is essential to progress.

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As a company, Google is a master of expansion - after all, they’ve got their pixelated pinkies in just about every digital pie there is. But it should be notes that Google is also a master of self-reinvention.

After all, how many search engines have spawned and/or acquired an email system, a blogging and blog analytics platform, instant messaging, a pioneering social media platform, and unique e-reading and media-viewing sites and tools?!

Well, now, in addition to all their previous entrepreneurial exploits, industry insiders have noticed Google making moves to snap up streaming rights to a large number of TV shows and movies.

google movement.jpg

These same insiders speculate that Google is hoping to give other digital media rental services a run for their money by retrofitting YouTube into an iTunes-like digital rental site. Whether this is true or not - the online powerhouse has yet to confirm if this is the case - there’s no denying that what Google does best is reinvent itself.

Though Google is a great example of constantly adapting and revamping your skills to stay current with the market and your own goals, I take my self-reinvention inspiration from my plan b.jpgmom. She has been everything from a regional sales manager for one of the biggest radio stations in the country at the time, to a traveling preschool music teacher, to CEO of her own successful company, to now, a blogger and dog trainer. And those are just some of the high points!

Tired of the way things are going and want to reinvent yourself? You’ll need a big dose of outside-the-box thinking, stat.

Things to think about and know:

Don’t let fear stop you. In this job market, if you’re in a secure professional position, you might want to take your reinvention slowly and develop it to a point where you can start to support yourself if you leave your day job. But if you get laid off and can’t find a new job in your field, then you have no excuse to get depressed.

Start adapting, baby! Just because you started off as an astrophysicist doesn’t mean you can’t suddenly follow your passion as a maker of high-end jewelry. Use your talents and start building a new professional you.

Take stock and get proactive. If there are certifications or skill sets you don’t have and need in order to take on your new pursuit, figure out ways to get them. Otherwise, get creative and figure out how to adapt your current skills to a new environment. Do research, suss out opportunities, find your niche - finding your new job can be a job in and of itself. Bottom line, though: this is ultimately a growing experience, and no one’s going to revamp you for you, so get crackin’!

Keep in mind: it ain’t easy. But it can be so worthwhile! After all, just because you start on one career path doesn’t mean you’ll find your “dream job” in that field. Believe it or not, even though we shoot for those dream jobs, I think it’s more often about finding the job that’s ideal for the point you’re at in your life, and to find that job, you often have to get creative, feed the entrepreneurial spirit hiding inside of you, and be willing to take a few calculated risks.

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