Keep Calm and Carry On ... Only!

Lazy Woman #1 travel tip!

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One of my biggest Lazy Woman travel tips is to do everything humanly possible to avoid checking bags. It allows you to whip in and out of airports with ease, arrive at the airport a little later and, most importantly, avoid the repetitive thought, “Will my luggage make it with me?” Airlines are starting to allow for you to track your luggage electronically, but you are still playing with potentially stressful fires when you check bags.

I was about to break my own damn Lazy Woman rule for my upcoming trip to London and Paris. I will be gone for nine days, and the last time I did this trip it was with my ex-boyfriend. Since I was feeling a wee bit nostalgic and also feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t have a playmate for my trip, I thought I might want more creature comforts to support me. In other words I was looking for the low calorie equivalent of mac and cheese in the form of excess clothing.

Synchronistically, I spoke to the Goddess of Synchronicity, Salle Redfield, the wife of Celestine Prophesy author James Redfield. She is leaving for Europe the week after I am, and quite un-synchronistically, we are not crossing paths. Yet she blessed my trip by telling me that she is only taking a carry on for a trip just as long as mine to both Paris and Rome.

She spurred me on! I don’t need no mac and cheese! I can do this! So, I repacked last night and took out all the riff-raff that truly was unnecessary clothes calories. Honestly, I felt more peaceful immediately upon repacking because I am back into integrity with my Lazy Woman ways: less stress and more joy.

In March, I bought a journal just before I decided to break up with my boyfriend. The cover made me buy it: “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Just looking at the cover gave me comfort. I just this moment remembered the phrase and found out it is from a poster produced by the British government in 1939 at the beginning of World War II. It was a truly Lazy Woman tool way before its time: an attempt to de-stress the masses in the face of a potential invasion.

The British are brilliant and Lazy in all the right ways. In the face of turmoil, stress, anxiety, or your next airplane adventure, remember to keep calm and carry on...only.


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