Rupert Murdoch Taps Phones to Get Scoops? You're Next

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Oh dear. This showed up on my BBC radio yesterday. Rupert Murdoch's organization, News of the World, has been tagged and is now currently being prosecuted in Britain for wiretapping private citizen's phones in an effort to get a scoop.

Hello Weiner, is that a wiener I see on your phone? And the shit gets deeper. As the print media dissolves and writers are left with nothing to write about and nobody to publish it, they are driven to online outlets that pay a lot less but are driven horribly to come up with anything, and trust me, they will pay more for that.

We are all driven to actually produce news, not to really make it. Did Lindsay really do that? No matter, we could sell that headline! Spin my friends, spin.

Rupert Murdoch can now see your underwear through the x-ray vision glasses he bought through your comic book. Remember comic books? No, but he can hack your phone!

Get ready, all the news is now a comic - just not funny - but it's yours...

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David has spent most of his career in advertising. That alone should call his writing skills into question. David currently writes the Wild Wild East Dailies from Saigon but has trouble seeing the forest for the trees because it's a jungle out there.

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