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The CEO and founder of shares her insider secrets.

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When it to being "in the know," CEO and founder Robin Ross gives a new meaning to the word insider. This ultra-savvy New Yorker’s newest venture delivers insider access and invites to exclusive happenings around town that typically have been reserved only for the fashion, music, and art industry elite. Though Robin is usually found dispensing fabulous knowledge about all things hip and chic around the city, today she gives us some keen insight into her own background and lifestyle, and the delightful NYC elements she just can’t do without.

R_Ross.jpgTell me a little bit about your background.

I was born and raised in New York City and have been involved in the city’s social scene my entire life. I used those past experiences and translated them into my work experience at Polo Jeans Co. and the W Hotels Worldwide. My time at W Hotels pushed me towards the creation of as I planned lifestyle events for the company and helped launch the well-known W Happenings program and the famous W Lounge, which created the buzz of the backstage area at events becoming the new destination to hang out.

What inspired you to create

I have attended events all over the country and whenever you enter an exclusive party, you are always asked, "Are you on the list?" I took this concept and wanted to share my expertise and ability to gain access to these events with people who desire to attend these parties.

What are your goals with

My ultimate goal for is to make it the go-to site for people who want to attend the top events in cities across the country. Whether they have the complimentary ‘The List’ membership or the fee-based ‘The Invitation Only List,’ I want my members to know that they are gaining the opportunity to attend events that not everyone has access to. They can walk up to an event and when asked, "Are you on the list?" they can answer, "Yes!"

How do you maintain its exclusivity and wealth of content?

Exclusivity is a perspective — what is exclusive to me may not be exclusive to others. offers a wide array of events with a range of memberships so each member can customize their exclusivity experience. We also know when and where the next great event is through my extensive contacts.

What’s your target audience? What types of people can benefit the most from the info?

The members range from aspirational young city dwellers to suburbanites or out-of-towners who want to come into the city for a special occasion to uber-weathy but incredibly busy business people who want to give clients a VIP experience. I think anyone can really benefit from being a member as there are such a range of experiences we can offer through

What’s your favorite city and why?

I have to say New York City because it all happens here. There is  always something to do no matter who you are. The city never sleeps and you can order any type of food at any time!

Three things that a first time savvy visitor to NY should do?

    • Shopping in the meatpacking district
    • Late night drinks and snack at Nobu 57 - eat at the bar and try the amazing yellow tail
    • Dancing on the tables at MPD (insider tip: ask for Phillipe, he will give you the best table)

Three things that a first time savvy visitor to LA should do?

    • Shopping on Roberston Blvd.
    • Coffee, lunch, and people-watching at Fred Segal
    • Dinner at Dan Tana's - last time I was there I literally bumped into Jerry Seinfeld

What’s your idea of a perfect NYC day?

Getting up and going to work out at Equinox, bagels at Sables, shopping at Scoop and Intermix (I love the smaller stores where I know the sales staff), lunch at Bergdorfs (I always have the Gotham salad), spend the afternoon with my kids, then dinner at the Palm with my husband (we got married at the Palm in Vegas so it is a special place for us plus it has the best steak in NYC) or if I’m with my kids we will go to Il Vagabondo, great Italian with bocce ball.

What type of info do you love to share the most?

That there are events going on that no one knows about and even if they do, I can guarantee that they are able to actually get in! And of course all the insider NYC places that only people who grew up in the city know about!

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