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August 2012

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Wednesday Aug 29, 2012 10:00 PM ET
There are certain musical figures, not always in the spotlight, who carry their own weight and then some. They often end up in unique predicaments and with the right talent and tenacity get to stay there against all odds.
Thursday Aug 23, 2012 30:00 PM ET
This is a musician who has spent a life exploring whatever paths caught his fancy, and it's been a wild ride. Cooder has been able to resist the mainstream like it's just so much bubonic plague, but at the same time he's found a center which allows him to always find an audience.
Wednesday Aug 15, 2012 50:00 PM ET
Little Feat wrote the book at the start of the '70s for American groups who could dip into the roots of rock and roll, pull out an astounding mass of influences, and then carve their very own creation.
Thursday Aug 9, 2012 35:00 PM ET
That sweet spot where soul music bumps up against country shows in a heartbeat just how close the line is between blacks and whites where the working class is concerned. Both are trying to stay afloat and keep their eyes on the prize, no matter what their music might get called.
Thursday Aug 2, 2012 50:00 PM ET
In soul music there's a lot to be said for holding back and letting the tension of what's not sung do a lot of the dirty work.

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