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January 2013

Articles From Chaz Lipp in January
Wednesday Jan 30, 2013 05:00 PM ET
It didn't catch fire in theaters last October, but Martin McDonagh's wildly inventive, refreshingly unpredictable tale deserves to find an audience.
Monday Jan 28, 2013 00:00 PM ET
Blake Edwards directed this tense crime thriller in 1962 and it holds up, aided by a masterful Henry Mancini score, a half-century later.
Monday Jan 28, 2013 45:00 PM ET
Balladry from the piano man, this compilation has some big hits. But you shouldn't take the edge out of the former angry young man.
Saturday Jan 26, 2013 00:00 PM ET
The plot is so low-key it barely exists, but the performances of Riley Keough and Juno Temple (as the title characters) must be seen.
Saturday Jan 26, 2013 20:00 PM ET
So dry you just might forget it's a spoof, this 1966 comic superspy thriller makes its high definition debut.
Wednesday Jan 23, 2013 20:00 PM ET
This unfortunately bland World War II drama won the Oscar for Best Picture in 1942 and William Wyler received his first Best Director award.
Monday Jan 21, 2013 35:00 PM ET
A beautiful high definition presentation of the all-star classic. Though 81 years old, the film still packs an emotional punch.
Saturday Jan 19, 2013 30:00 PM ET
Though awarded the Oscar for Best Picture in 1989, this featherweight tale of racial tolerance is notable primarily for Jessica Tandy's performance.
Wednesday Jan 16, 2013 30:00 PM ET
Though still popular with audiences based on the strong box office receipts, the thrill is mostly gone in this unimaginative sequel.
Tuesday Jan 15, 2013 34:26 AM ET
All 23 episodes in high definition. Depending on your age, either a nostalgic kick or a great introduction to one of pop's most joyous groups.
Monday Jan 7, 2013 50:00 PM ET
Not an easy film to warm up to, Gregory Peck stars as F. Scott Fitzgerald. Based on the memoir by Sheilah Graham.
Tuesday Jan 1, 2013 00:00 PM ET
The third film adaptation of Henry De Vere Stacpoole's 1908 novel about two teenagers stranded on a deserted island.

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