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May 2013

Articles From Chaz Lipp in May
Friday May 31, 2013 30:00 PM ET
Based on a short story by Elmore Leonard, this western seems to have avoided aging despite the passage of 46 years. Glenn Ford is excellent as outlaw Ben Wade.
Wednesday May 29, 2013 55:00 PM ET
Twenty-six episodes of the Australian teen dance drama, split between two separate volumes, offer a whole lot of melodrama.
Wednesday May 29, 2013 40:00 PM ET
A detailed examination of the creation of Francis Ford Coppola's masterpiece, including very cool replica documents from the Archive of Paramount Pictures.
Wednesday May 29, 2013 35:00 PM ET
Director Stephen Frears' crime classic deserves a better visual presentation, but at least it's finally available on Blu-ray. Ace work by John Cusack, Anjelica Huston, and Annette Bening remains a highlight.
Friday May 24, 2013 15:00 AM ET
An uninspired family film that might hold the attention of very young viewers, especially if they've had little exposure to superior product.
Thursday May 23, 2013 10:00 PM ET
Compressing the 50-year history of The Rolling Stones down to just under two hours is a challenge that director Brett Morgen faces head on.
Tuesday May 21, 2013 50:00 PM ET
An all-star cast, including David Duchovny and Julia Roberts, is wasted by director Steven Soderbergh in this plotless mess.
Tuesday May 21, 2013 35:00 AM ET
Available in multiple configurations, this live album dates back to a time when McCartney could thrill concertgoers without relying heavily on Beatles tunes.
Sunday May 19, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Based on true events, Richard Gere shines as Clifford Irving, the author who literally faked an autobiography of someone he never met—Howard Hughes.
Sunday May 19, 2013 35:00 PM ET
Four films directed by one Japan's most important filmmakers, Criterion's Eclipse Series continues to keep overlooked obscurities in wide release.
Thursday May 16, 2013 00:00 PM ET
The seventh film in the series based on Clive Barker's characters debuts on Blu-ray with a surprisingly strong presentation.
Tuesday May 14, 2013 40:00 PM ET
Basically a series of Cheech and Chong's greatest bits, animated and strung together, this release benefits from three informative commentary tracks.
Monday May 13, 2013 40:00 PM ET
A quirky comedy whose quirks feel increasingly forced, but Hugh Laurie, Alia Shawkat, and Leighton Meester all shine.
Saturday May 11, 2013 30:00 AM ET
Exclusive to Walmart and Sam's Club, this animated film was produced in South Korea and features voice work by Rob Schneider and Norm MacDonald.
Wednesday May 8, 2013 30:00 PM ET
A darkly comic tale of infidelity that takes a few suprising turns. Ray Liotta and Laura Linney steal it with finely-tuned supporting turns.
Wednesday May 8, 2013 00:00 PM ET
Despite enthusiastic contributions by Mark Wahlberg as producer and star plus the formidable directorial experience of Allen Hughes, this is a thriller without thrills.
Wednesday May 8, 2013 45:00 PM ET
Sam Peckinpah's beautiful mess, this epic Western boasts a great lead performance by Charlton Heston. This limited release offers two different cuts.
Wednesday May 8, 2013 35:00 PM ET
The famous cat and mouse depicted as youngster, but still at each other's throats. All 13 first season episodes available on DVD for the first time.
Tuesday May 7, 2013 30:00 AM ET
Collectors of the full seasons will have this two-part episode once the fourth season is out, but some exclusive extras make this a nice release.
Monday May 6, 2013 35:00 PM ET
Five nights a week, Taylor Hicks welcomes music fans into his "living room" (the ultra-classy, ultra-intimate Napoleon's Lounge) for a night of blues and soul.
Monday May 6, 2013 25:00 PM ET
A first-time director tackling this needlessly non-linear story doesn't add up to much more than good actors like Michael Chiklis and Forest Whitaker slumming for a paycheck.

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