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November 2014

Articles From Michael Simpson in November
Friday Nov 28, 2014 20:00 AM ET
Collectors (or relatives thereof) should consider paying the extra dough for this SteelBook given its high quality and appealing design.
Wednesday Nov 26, 2014 10:00 PM ET
Activision is keeping up its tradition of releasing seasonal Skylanders by issuing a special festive edition of a character from Skylanders: Trap Team.
Wednesday Nov 26, 2014 10:00 PM ET
Next Issue normally offers a free 30-day trial to new subscribers but is advertising a special deal for Black Friday that also includes 50% off the Unlimited Premium subscription for two additional months.
Monday Nov 24, 2014 05:00 AM ET
Despite not scoring high points for its script, this disaster flick was a financial success doubtless due to its convincing depiction of windblown devastation.
Monday Nov 24, 2014 40:00 AM ET
If you want to get the best performance from Parallels Desktop 10, it's a good idea to replace your hard drive with an SSD for overall speed improvements and boost your computer's RAM.
Thursday Nov 20, 2014 00:00 PM ET
The ability to run the latest Windows version of Office on a Mac could be enough on its own to make Parallels Desktop worth its $79.95 price tag.
Thursday Nov 20, 2014 55:00 PM ET
Parallels Desktop 10 is not the cheapest virtualization option but it's less than the cost of a second computer and more convenient than drive swapping and setting up network drives.
Wednesday Nov 12, 2014 50:00 PM ET
With an R rating in the U.S. (14A in Canada) and mostly negative reviews to its name, Tammy will inevitably have a limited audience. This release will do nothing to change that.
Wednesday Nov 12, 2014 40:00 PM ET
Despite its energy, Jersey Boys didn't live up to expectations. The same can be said for the special features that come bundled with Warner Home Video's Blu-ray release.
Monday Nov 10, 2014 50:00 AM ET
Beef stars Chris Meloni as Lou the Butcher as a man adept at solving other people's problems.
Wednesday Nov 5, 2014 30:00 PM ET
Plaudits to Paramount for making this Blu-ray something fans of Hercules and The Rock will want to smack down cash for.
Sunday Nov 2, 2014 25:00 PM ET
This Disney Blu-ray release is cursed by a collection of extras that is nowhere near as 'Magnificent' as its marketing suggests.

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